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1 in 3 surveyed says social media changes attitudes to medicines

April 20, 2012
Business Services, Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Facebook, Twitter, digital, pwC, social networking

A third of US social media users say it could change the way they think about their medicines, according to …

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Digital Pharma: Merck Serono sets up MS social network

February 18, 2011
Medical Communications Digital Pharma blog, MS, Merck Serono, Movectro, Rebif, multiple sclerosis, social networking

Merck Serono has set up an international social network for multiple sclerosis patients, saying today’s pharma companies should go beyond …

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Digital Pharma: Industry still cautious about social media

December 23, 2010
Medical Communications Deloitte, Digital Pharma blog, doctors' social networks, social media, social networking

Life sciences companies remain cautious about using social networks, such as the healthcare professional community Sermo, largely because of a …

Doctor’s networks – an emerging engagement channel

November 29, 2010
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Len Starnes, PatientsLikeMe, doctors' social networks, social media, social networking

The last four years have seen an extraordinary growth in physicians’ social networks and a rapid increase in levels of …

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Digital Pharma: Diabetes patients and Facebook

November 3, 2010
Medical Communications Digital Pharma blog, Facebook, diabetes, patient information, social networking

A quarter of comments on the 15 largest Facebook communities for diabetes patients are promotional – generally for non-FDA approved …

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Pharma’s Digital Revolution – The Story So Far

May 12, 2010
Medical Communications Digital Pharma Guide, FDA, Twitter, blog, community, digital pharma, ipad, social networking

The internet and digital communication are transforming all aspects of pharma’s work. From social media to drug discovery, here are … reports record year for online interaction with doctors

April 29, 2010
Medical Communications CME,, social networking

Online doctors’ community says it saw record levels of doctor engagement in 2009, with 25 million unique web sessions during …

Sticky or stuck?

August 11, 2009
Medical Communications doctors, social networking

The 60's philosopher and communications guru Marshall McLuhan said, "the medium is the message" and certainly the current buzz around …

Boehringer Ingelheim takes the lead on Twitter

April 8, 2009
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Boehringer, Twitter, new media, social networking

The explosion in the popularity of Twitter is the latest buzz in online social networking, but most pharma companies are …

Unlocking the value of social media for business customers

March 17, 2009
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing marketing, social networking

Conversations around social media dominate the marketing landscape. Twitter-mania has reached fever pitch, proclaiming it the latest 'must have' social …

2008: A year in the life of UK pharma

December 31, 2008
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing 2008, YIR, patients, pharma, review, social networking, year in review

  Patient power proves decisive in battle for accessSocial networking helped a new breed of informed patient advocates win the …

Look who’s talking now

September 3, 2007
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing blog, digi pharma, digital pharma, new media, social networking, technology

The internet loves a good scandal. From compromising celebrity videos to the latest political whisperings, whatever your interest in life, …

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