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Digital Pharma: A tweeting of minds

August 27, 2009
Medical Communications Twitter, digi, digi pharma, digital pharma, hcsmeu, new media

I recently attended an event on European healthcare social media. There was no entrance fee, delegate badge or travel to …

Boehringer Ingelheim takes the lead on Twitter

April 8, 2009
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Boehringer, Twitter, new media, social networking

The explosion in the popularity of Twitter is the latest buzz in online social networking, but most pharma companies are …

Look who’s talking now

September 3, 2007
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing blog, digi pharma, digital pharma, new media, social networking, technology

The internet loves a good scandal. From compromising celebrity videos to the latest political whisperings, whatever your interest in life, …

You have 6 new messages

March 26, 2007
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing e-marketing, marketing, marketing mix, new media

What are the biggest challenges in 2007 for e-marketing?Overexposure of e-detailing gave a poor response in many cases in 2006 …

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