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CMG launches digital division

March 29, 2010
Medical Communications Complete Digital, Complete Medical Group, digi, digi pharma, digital pharma

Healthcare communications agency Complete Medical Group (CMG) has launched an online division to take advantage of a shift in the …

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Digital Pharma: Novartis tells cystic fibrosis stories

February 25, 2010
Medical Communications Novartis, cystic fibrosis, digi, digi pharma, social media

Novartis has launched a new disease awareness campaign for cystic fibrosis that blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Its …


New digital agency eBee launched

October 27, 2009
Medical Communications digi pharma

New agency eBee has been launched as a specialist in groundbreaking digital work.The agency is a spin-off subsidiary of Hive …

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Digital Pharma: A tweeting of minds

August 27, 2009
Medical Communications Twitter, digi, digi pharma, digital pharma, hcsmeu, new media

I recently attended an event on European healthcare social media. There was no entrance fee, delegate badge or travel to …

Look who’s talking now

September 3, 2007
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing blog, digi pharma, digital pharma, new media, social networking, technology

The internet loves a good scandal. From compromising celebrity videos to the latest political whisperings, whatever your interest in life, …

On-line clinical trials recruitment

October 22, 2003
Research and Development clinical trials, digi pharma, patient recruitment

Sometimes, solutions don't really solve anything. Let me tell you a story about on-line clinical trials recruitment. A couple of …

Are you making the most of your web investment?

October 21, 2003
Medical Communications digi pharma, investment, websites

Pharmaceutical companies have spent millions of pounds on websites since the mid-1990s. Although almost no one is prepared to admit …

On laws and rules of thumb

October 16, 2003
Sales and Marketing digi pharma

This column takes a healthily sceptical (you might say cynical) view of technological innovations, and tends to the view that …

User profiling – do you really know your users?

October 14, 2003
Sales and Marketing digi pharma

How well do you know your website users? Have you done any research to identify the key characteristics, interests and …

Usability: mumbo jumbo or magic bullet?

October 9, 2003
Sales and Marketing digi pharma

Usability is, broadly, a measure of the time it takes to find and enter a website, and do something useful …

The power of text

October 1, 2003
Medical Communications advertising, digi pharma, dtc

After a rocky start, advertising on the web has started to take off. Spending will pass $8 billion in the …

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