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Government unveils £20bn plan to revitalise NHS in England

January 8, 2019
Manufacturing and Production NHS funding, NHS< funding, brexit, government, health, policy

Theresa May and the chief executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, have announced a new ten year plan for the …

NHS Westminster

Conservative announce NHS to receive a further £8 billion by 2020

July 9, 2015
Budget, Chancellor, Chancellor of the exchequer, Conservatives, George Osborne, NHS, NHS funding, Tories, funding, government

The Conservative Government has confirmed the NHS will receive £10 billion in funding by 2020 in the Chancellor’s budget announcement.The …

Chancellor George Osborne

NHS budget ‘will have to stretch further’

October 21, 2010
George Osborne, NHS, NHS Confederation, NHS funding, government, king's fund

The NHS budget has been protected from the worst of the Comprehensive Spending Review’s swingeing cuts, with a raise that …

NHS targets and management costs in the firing line

June 22, 2010
NHS, NHS funding, NHS targets

Management costs and the use of targets are at the top of the government’s NHS hitlist, the health secretary Andrew Lansley has …

PFI schemes should be cut first, say doctors

June 11, 2010
NHS, NHS funding

The British Medical Association has put forward its own suggestions about how the NHS can save money, and says private …

Lansley warns of deeper NHS cuts

May 17, 2010
NHS, NHS funding, election, government

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has warned the NHS may face deeper cuts than expected. Lansley, who was appointed Health Secretary …

NHS eyes global business

March 26, 2010
NHS, NHS funding

The NHS is set to explore new international opportunities and export its knowledge abroad through a new organisation. It hopes …

Budget ‘will freeze’ NHS spending

March 25, 2010
NHS funding, king's fund

Frontline NHS funding will only rise with inflation and the Department of Health must make substantial cost savings under the …

The health crunch: can the NHS flourish in leaner times?

March 22, 2010
NHS, NHS funding, qof

The economic downturn which hit the UK in 2009 coincided with a pre-planned slowing down in the investment in the …

Tories plan public health drive

January 15, 2010
Conservatives, NHS, NHS funding, binge drinking, public health

The Department of Health would be renamed the Department of Public Health under a future Tory government, says shadow health …

World Class Commissioning: how to be partners in quality

January 14, 2010
Sales and Marketing NHS, NHS funding, commissioning, funding, healthcare, marketing

World Class Commissioning has been heralded as a critical mechanism to revolutionise healthcare services in the UK. Now two years …

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