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pharmacy Senegal

UK Government commits £1 billion to malaria fight

January 26, 2016
Manufacturing and Production Bill Gates, Chancellor, George Osborne, Ross Fund, infectious diseases, malaria

Chancellor George Osborne has set out details of a billion pound fund to develop, test and produce new products to …


All Party Parliamentary Group for Life Sciences CSR letter to the Chancellor, Business Secretary and Science Ministers

November 10, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Chancellor, Comprehensive Spending Review, George Osborne

Dear Mr Osborne,Ahead of the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review I am sure you will have received many letters from across …

Chancellor announces drug R&D funding boost in Catapult expansion

July 14, 2015
Research and Development Cambridge, Catapults, Chancellor, George Osborne, Northern Powerhouse, Precision Medicine, R&D, UK, alderley, economy

Chancellor George Osborne is giving UK drug R&D a £5 million vote of confidence, after promising new investment into two …

NHS Westminster

Conservative announce NHS to receive a further £8 billion by 2020

July 9, 2015
Budget, Chancellor, Chancellor of the exchequer, Conservatives, George Osborne, NHS, NHS funding, Tories, funding, government

The Conservative Government has confirmed the NHS will receive £10 billion in funding by 2020 in the Chancellor’s budget announcement.The …

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