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Labour and Lib Dems make election pledge for wider access to HIV drug

December 2, 2019
Sales and Marketing AIDS, Conservatives, HIV. HIV Drugs, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, lib dems

The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have both pledged to roll out access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) therapy for …

NHS to receive additional £20.5 billion each year from 2018 Budget

October 30, 2018
Manufacturing and Production Budget, Conservatives, Labour, NHS, mental health, politics

The NHS will receive an additional £20.5 billion a year until 2023-24, according to the Budget released yesterday. The confirmation …


May hints at providing long-term funding plan for NHS

March 28, 2018
Medical Communications, Research and Development Conservatives, NHS, Theresa May, UK government, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

After the news broke earlier in the week of a group of nearly 100 MPs calling for a parliamentary commission …

NHS Westminster

Conservative announce NHS to receive a further £8 billion by 2020

July 9, 2015
Budget, Chancellor, Chancellor of the exchequer, Conservatives, George Osborne, NHS, NHS funding, Tories, funding, government

The Conservative Government has confirmed the NHS will receive £10 billion in funding by 2020 in the Chancellor’s budget announcement.The …

NHS in England is ‘deteriorating’

March 26, 2015
Sales and Marketing Conservatives, England, Labour, NHS, coalition, election, government, liberal

Leading UK healthcare think tank The King’s Fund has published its second report on the NHS under the present government …

£2 billion government plan to ‘save the NHS’

December 1, 2014
Sales and Marketing Conservatives, NHS, Osborne, UK, balls, election, spending

George Osborne in his Autumn Statement on Wednesday will announce an extra £2 billion funding for the NHS in an attempt …

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Conservative government would ‘protect’ NHS

October 2, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Conservatives, Labour, Miliband, NHS, burnham, david cameron, lib dems

A majority Conservative government would protect the English NHS budget in real terms from 2015 to 2020, the British prime …

Tories plan public health drive

January 15, 2010
Conservatives, NHS, NHS funding, binge drinking, public health

The Department of Health would be renamed the Department of Public Health under a future Tory government, says shadow health …

More detail needed on Conservative NHS manifesto, says think tank

January 8, 2010
Conservatives, NHS, king's fund

The Conservative Party’s draft manifesto on the NHS has been given a cautious welcome by the King’s Fund, which says …

The Pharmafocus Interview: Shadow health minister Mark Simmonds

December 11, 2008
Conservatives, hc

 The Conservatives have led in the opinion polls throughout 2008, and even with Gordon Brown’s rating enjoying a bounce over …

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