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Summer COVID cases set to reach 2 million with 10 million isolating

July 7, 2021
Research and Development COVID-19, Lockdown, UK, Vaccine, government

Analysis from the Guardian has found that over two million people could contract COVID-19 this summer, which could therefore lead …


Over 600,000 positive COVID tests genomically sequenced in UK

July 5, 2021
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, Delta variant, UK, government, variant

The UK has genomically sequenced more than 600,000 positive COVID-19 test, it was announced on Friday. Genomic sequencing plays a …

Survey reveals over 2 million people impacted by long COVID in UK

June 24, 2021
COVID-19, UK, government, long covid, study

A recent survey from Imperial College London has revealed that over 2 million people in the UK may have suffered …

UK COVID vaccine update

June 16, 2021
Research and Development COVID-19, UK, care homes, children, government, vaccines

Care home staff vaccinations to be compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations among care home staff are to become mandatory, the Guardian has …


UK government invests £5m in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine library

March 5, 2021
Medical Communications COVID-19, CPI, government, vaccines

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has received a £5 million investment from the UK government, to support the development …


Gilead challenges Government over patents on preventative HIV drug Truvada

August 22, 2019
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AIDS, CDC, Gilead, HIV, IP, PrEP, Truvada, government, patents

Gilead is challenging the US Government’s patents on PrEP drug Truvada. The Foster City firm has submitted a challenge to …


Government to set up express freight service for medicines in case of no-deal Brexit

July 8, 2019
Sales and Marketing Transport, brexit, government, no-deal, pharma, planning

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) plans to spend £3 million on emergency transport solutions for medicines in …

US Government awarded new patent on preventative HIV drugs PrEP

July 3, 2019
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Gilead, HHS, government, pharma

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been awarded a new patent on drugs that prevent HIV. The …

Two thirds of MPs believe NHS should spend less on medicines

April 30, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Long Term Plan, MPs, NHS, UK, government, health, public health

Nearly two thirds (64%) of MPs believe the NHS should direct more resources towards prevention, over funding for new treatments, …


Opioid crisis cost US government nearly $38 billion in lost taxes

April 11, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development US, government, opioid crisis, opioids, public health, tax revenue

The opioid epidemic may have cost US state and federal governments as much as $37.8 billion in lost tax revenue, …

Novartis must face kickback allegations in court

April 2, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Novartis, US, government, kickbacks, prescriptions, whistle blower, whistle-blower

The US government has accused Novartis of paying doctors millions of dollars in kickbacks as part of a “company-wide kickback …


Government appoints health minister from firm trying to win NHS contracts

January 14, 2019
Sales and Marketing NHS, corruption, digital, government, online, politics

The British Government has come under fire over the appointment of former Tory MP, Nicola Blackwood, as a junior minister …

Government unveils £20bn plan to revitalise NHS in England

January 8, 2019
Manufacturing and Production NHS funding, NHS< funding, brexit, government, health, policy

Theresa May and the chief executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, have announced a new ten year plan for the …


Digital system may prevent £300m prescription fraud losses for NHS by 2020

October 15, 2018
Sales and Marketing NHS, fraud, government, prescription fraud, uk politics

The British government are launching a new digitised system aimed at cracking down on prescription fraud in the NHS. However …

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