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Conservative announce NHS to receive a further £8 billion by 2020

pharmafile | July 9, 2015 | News story | |  Budget, Chancellor, Chancellor of the exchequer, Conservatives, George Osborne, NHS, NHS funding, Tories, funding, government 

The Conservative Government has confirmed the NHS will receive £10 billion in funding by 2020 in the Chancellor’s budget announcement.

The investment adds an extra £8billion to the £2billion that the Tories promised during the election campaign.

He Chancellor George Osborne says that the additional funding will be needed to pay for investment in transformation of the NHS, including seven day services and new models of care.

He told Parliament: “We also look forward to continuing to work with the Treasury and the Department of Health in addressing these urgent questions as part of the spending review due in autumn.”

Chief executive of the NHS Confederation Rob Webster says: “The £8 billion needs to come in staged increases and we would emphasise this should reflect the bigger cost pressures expected in the first half of this Parliament. There is an opportunity for a multi-year funding deal to be aligned with planning in the NHS.” 

In response to the budget Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair, says: “The government has pledged an additional £8 billion but has failed to set out how the NHS, already the most efficient healthcare service in the world, can achieve the additional £22 billion in efficiency savings needed to plug the gap.”

“It is simply wrong to expect hard working NHS staff to continue to bear the burden for the government’s failure to put NHS finances on a sustainable footing.”

Yasmita Kumar


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