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Hormone-based therapies show promise in children and adults with autism

May 2, 2019
Research and Development ASD, autism, pharma, vasopressin

A hormone-based therapy might improve social function in people with autism, according to the results of two separate clinical trials. …


Advertising Standards Authority tells therapists to stop marketing ‘autism cure’

March 25, 2019
Sales and Marketing ASA, CEASE therapy, advertising standards authority, anti-vaccines, autism, vaccines

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told British therapists to stop marketing a sham ‘cure’ for autism. The regulator told …

Immuno Biotech owner promoting unlicensed ‘cure’ for cancer, autism and HIV to be sentenced next week

November 23, 2018
Medical Communications Cancer, David Noakes, GcMAF, HIV, UKIP, autism

The owner of Guernsey-based biotech Immuno Biotech Ltd, David Noakes, will be sentenced this week after admitting to a number …


“Extremely promising” blood test for autism impresses with 88% accuracy

June 20, 2018
Research and Development autism, pharma

A blood test designed to support the clinical determination of whether a child is on the autistic spectrum has been …


Researchers find common protein link between cancer and autism

March 10, 2017
Medical Communications Cancer, SHANK, University of Turku, autism

Researchers from the University of Turku, in Finland, have discovered that there is a common protein, named SHANK, that is …


Former health minister tells NHS to embrace technology

April 9, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Jeremy Hunt, autism, brain in hand, google, paperless, telehealth

The Labour MP and former health minister Ben Bradshaw has urged the National Health Service to do more when it …

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Smartphone tech to help autism sufferers commended

March 6, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing NHS, asperger's, aspergers, autism, brain in hand, cloud, digital

Smartphone technology which helps people with autism to live more easily with their condition has been commended as part of …

‘Mini brains’ grown in lab

August 29, 2013
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Stem cells, autism, mini brains

In a move which seems closer to science fiction than real life, scientists have grown from human skin what they …

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Roche signs research deal on autism spectrum disorders

June 19, 2012
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing ASD, FXS, Roche, Seaside Therapeutics, asperger's, autism

Roche has signed an agreement with Seaside Therapeutics to develop new treatments for autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions such as …

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