Immuno Biotech owner promoting unlicensed ‘cure’ for cancer, autism and HIV to be sentenced next week

pharmafile | November 23, 2018 | News story | Medical Communications Cancer, David Noakes, GcMAF, HIV, UKIP, autism 

The owner of Guernsey-based biotech Immuno Biotech Ltd, David Noakes, will be sentenced this week after admitting to a number of charges concerning the sale of unproven and unlicensed HIV, cancer and autism ‘cure’ GcMAF.

The British businessman, who came last in the 2006 UKIP leadership election, was revealed to have made millions through the sale of the protein GcMAF, which has been promoted as a cure for an array of conditions.

His company, Immuno Biotech Ltd, was revealed to have received £7.9 million in sales, nearly £1 million of which was spent on aeroplanes which the biotech owner used to travel in from Guernsey.

Noakes pleaded guilty to charges of manufacturing, supplying, and selling the unlicensed medicine as well as to charges of money laundering. He is expected to be sentenced next week.

Noakes claims his company has treated 10,000 patients. However one patient complained that she had gone into “toxic shock” and “almost died numerous times” after taking the unlicensed blood product.

Noakes now no longer claims that the drug cures cancer, but defends GcMAF as a viable treatment for a number of other conditions.  

The MHRA warned that GcMAF “may pose a significant risk to people’s health” and urged anyone who had used it to seek professional medical advice.

Louis Goss

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