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Immuno Biotech financial chief found guilty of money laundering

February 12, 2019
Manufacturing and Production David Noakes, Dawson-Ball, GcMAF, Guernsey, Immuno Biotech

Peter Edward Dawson-Ball, the financial head of the Guernsey-based firm immuno Biotech, that sold unlicensed blood product GcMAF, has been …

Immuno Biotech owner promoting unlicensed ‘cure’ for cancer, autism and HIV to be sentenced next week

November 23, 2018
Medical Communications Cancer, David Noakes, GcMAF, HIV, UKIP, autism

The owner of Guernsey-based biotech Immuno Biotech Ltd, David Noakes, will be sentenced this week after admitting to a number …

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MHRA shuts down unlicensed cancer drug facility

February 9, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Cambridge, GcMAF, MHRA, first immune, globulin component macrophage activating factor

The MHRA has shut down an unlicensed Cambridgeshire plant that was producing a potentially dangerous drug to be sold online. …

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