Advertising Standards Authority tells therapists to stop marketing ‘autism cure’

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told British therapists to stop marketing a sham ‘cure’ for autism.

The regulator told 150 therapists to stop marketing CEASE Therapy (Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression), a ‘therapy’ marketed on claims that it removes ‘toxic imprints’ caused by medicines and vaccines.

The ASA told therapists to stop recommending CEASE Therapy, which sees patients provided with ‘orthomolecular’ support in the form of nutritional supplements (often high doses of zinc or vitamin C), as a cure for autism, as the claims have no scientific credibility.

The ASA thus issued an enforcement notice to 150 CEASE therapists operating in the UK. The notice is clear that the ‘therapists’ cannot make direct or implied efficacy claims in their ads, including on their own websites.

Guy Parker, CEO of the ASA, commented: “The use of medical-sounding jargon may impress, but the claims have no scientific credibility. They also run contrary to NHS guidelines.”

“Discouraging vaccinations for children can have dire, potentially life altering or life ending, consequences,” he added.

The therapy was invented by Dutch homeopath Tinus Smits who believed autism was caused by children’s exposure to toxic substances.

“What are the professional credentials of those providing this procedure? Sadly, there are few barriers to becoming a CEASE therapist. Various websites promote training courses that last three to five days, after which practitioners will be ‘qualified’ to administer the ‘treatment’ unchecked,” Parker said.

Louis Goss

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