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Funding cuts and government inaction has led to soaring STI rates in Britain, new study finds

February 5, 2020
Research and Development AIDS, HIV, STDs, STIs, UK, sexual health

The UK faces a new Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) diagnoses every 70 seconds, according to a new report that outlines …

GSK drops herpes vaccine

October 4, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing GlaxoSmithKline, Simplirix, herpes, sexual health

Poor phase III results have forced GlaxoSmithKline to halt development of its Simplirix vaccine for women with genital herpes. The …

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Digital Pharma: UK health clinic first for Pfizer

July 28, 2010
Medical Communications Digital Pharma blog, Pfizer, digital patients, digital pharma med coms, disease awareness campaigns, sexual health

Men in the UK can now go online for confidential advice and information about any health problem through a unique …

Bayer Schering’s contraceptive patch enters phase III

May 5, 2009
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Bayer, sexual health

Bayer Schering is to start phase III trials of its new contraceptive patch and anticipates submitting the product for regulatory …

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