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Gilead buys Novartis’ herpes, flu and cold virus preclinical programmes

July 23, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Gilead, Novartis, antivrial, deal, herpes, influenza, rhinovirus

Gilead has acquired the rights to three of Novartis’ preclinical antiviral programmes, including investigational compounds with the potential to treat …


KCL study could lead to improved vaccinations against STIs

May 23, 2019
Research and Development HIV, HSV, STIs, herpes, immune system, std

New findings from researchers at King’s College London could lead to improved vaccinations against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Researchers at …


Vical terminates genital herpes vaccine after trial failure

June 12, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Vaccine, Vical, herpes, pharma

San Diego-based biopharma firm Vical has announced the disappointing, if unsurprising, news that it has taken the decision to terminate …


Startup CEO who injected untested herpes cure during live stream found dead

May 2, 2018
Research and Development Aaron Traywick, Ascendance Biomedical, HIV, herpes, pharma

Aaron Traywick, the 28-year-old CEO of biotech startup Ascendance Biomedical who made headlines when he injected himself with an untested …

Pfizer buys vaccine developer Redvax

January 6, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Pfizer, Vaccine, cmv, herpes, redbiotec, redvax, virus

Adding to its latest string of deals Pfizer has acquired vaccine developer Redvax – the pre-clinical arm of Swiss company …

GSK drops herpes vaccine

October 4, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing GlaxoSmithKline, Simplirix, herpes, sexual health

Poor phase III results have forced GlaxoSmithKline to halt development of its Simplirix vaccine for women with genital herpes. The …

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