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Britain call on companies to bid for 24 hour Brexit medicines shipping service contract

August 15, 2019
Business Services, Sales and Marketing UK, brexit, britain, medicines, pharma

The British Government is calling on logistics companies to bid for a £25 million contract to run express freight containers …

Generex Biotechnology acquires Medisource Partners

July 15, 2019
Sales and Marketing Generex, Medisource, medical supplies, medicines, pharma, surgery

Canadian firm Generex Biotechnology has acquired Texas-based medical and surgical products distributor Medisource Partners. Under the terms of the deal …


Edinburgh researchers genetically modify chickens to produce medicine filled eggs

January 29, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Edinburgh, cancer drugs, medicines, monoclonal antibodies, proteins

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have genetically modified chickens, meaning that they lay eggs containing human proteins which can …

British army soldier marching

Army to ferry medicines in case of no-deal Brexit

July 30, 2018
Sales and Marketing UK, army, brexit, medicines, pharma, politics, supply chains

Ministers have established plans to use the army to deliver medicines, food and fuel in the event of a no-deal …

Pioneering immunotherapy halts progression of type 1 diabetes

August 10, 2017
Research and Development Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, drugs, insulin, life sciences, medicines, pharma, pharmaceutical

In a first for the disease area, an immunotherapy treatment for diabetes, developed by researchers at King’s College London and …


FDA fast tracks Valneva’s Lyme disease vaccine

August 7, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Valneva, biotech, life sciences, lyme disease, medicines, pharma, pharmaceutcial

French firm Valneva has announced that its Lyme disease vaccine, known at this stage only by VLA15, has been fast-tracked …


FDA approves Celgene and Agios’ acute myeloid leukaemia drug

August 2, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Celgene, FDA, Idhifa, acute myeloid leukaemia, agios, biotech, drugs, life sciences, medicines, pharma, pharmaceuticals

The FDA has given its approval for the commercialisation of Celgene and Agios Pharmaceutical’s Idhifa for the treatment of relapsed …


EMA reveals ‘business continuity plan’ for Brexit, cuts resources from non-essential areas

August 2, 2017
Medical Communications, Research and Development EMA, brexit, drugs, life sciences, medicines, pharma, pharmaceutical

The uncertainty caused by Brexit has been and continues to be far-reaching, and perhaps most impactful for business, organisations and …

France to push for drug price control regulations at upcoming G7 summit

May 3, 2016
Manufacturing and Production Drug pricing, France, drug prices, g7 summit, hollande, irreversible, medicines, pharmaceutical, prices

France will urge its fellow G7 partners to introduce strict and final new limits to control the prices of new …

Prices to be printed on all prescribed NHS drugs over £20

July 2, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Jeremy Hunt, NHS, UK, drugs, health secretary, medicines

NHS drugs costing more than £20 will, from next year, have the price and the words “funded by the UK …

NICE image

NICE: people should be more involved in medical decisions

June 2, 2015
Sales and Marketing NHS, NICE, medicines, optimisation

Around 15 million people in England now have at least one long-term condition, but figures suggest that as many as …

Scottish government doubles fund for new medicines

May 20, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Scotland, cystic fibrosis, medicines

The Scottish government will increase its New Medicines Fund next year to double the amount of money available to fund …

Patients struggling to take conventional medicines

September 22, 2014
Manufacturing and Production Spiegel Institut Mannheim, hermes pharma, medicines, swallowing

A new survey commissioned by Hermes Pharma, which develops easier-to-swallow pills, has found that more than half of those asked …

Prescribing image

Print adverts’ prescribing info could be axed

March 3, 2014
Medical Communications MHRA, OTC, medicines, prescribing

The UK drugs regulator is proposing new rules that could see pharma update safety information for their medicines online, whilst …

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