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FDA approves new insulin pump and algorithm software for enhanced automated insulin delivery

May 22, 2023
Medical Communications Devices, FDA, diabetes, insulin

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has cleared the Beta Bionics iLet ACE Pump and …

NHS to pilot artificial pancreas for type 1 diabetes

June 17, 2021
NHS, diabetes, insulin, technology, wearable technology

The NHS has announced that artificial pancreases will be available to patients with type 1 diabetes, with up to 1,000 …

Arecor receives £2.8m grant for rapid insulin product

March 31, 2021
Research and Development diabetes, insulin

Arecor has announced today that it has received a £2.8 million grant from Innovate UK, to support the Phase II …


Arthritis drug Abatacept could be used to treat type 1 diabetes

August 11, 2020
Manufacturing and Production diabetes, insulin, tye 1, type 2

People with type 1 diabetes could see their lives extended by the arthritis drug Abatacept, new study finds. Researchers at …


Eli Lilly asks for a $24 million tax break for diabetes care facility expansion in Indianapolis

July 24, 2020
Medical Communications Eli Lilly, Humalog, diabetes, insulin

Insulin manufacturer Eli Lilly has requested a $24 million tax break over the next 10 years as an investment into …


Drug industry suing to overturn Minnesota insulin affordability law

July 2, 2020
Business Services diabetes, insulin, type 1, type 2

The drug industry is suing to overturn a Minnesota law that requires companies to provide emergency insulin to diabetics who …


Cheaper Canadian drug imports continue to be seized by the FDA

April 23, 2020
Business Services COVID-19, Canada, FDA, coronavirus, insulin

Seizures of Canadian drugs being sent to American patients have been stepped up by the FDA. This is according to …


Governor of Minnesota signs emergency bill for insulin access

April 17, 2020
Medical Communications diabetes, insulin, insulin copays, medical insurance

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has signed legislation to provide a one-time, 30-day supply of insulin for eligible residents in urgent …


Eli Lilly will limit insulin costs to $35 per month for patients in the US due to COVID-19

April 8, 2020
Research and Development Eli Lilly, diabetes, insulin

Eli Lilly announced that it will limit out of pocket costs for insulin to $35 per month to offset the …


Anti-HIV drug PrEP has 30% lower concentration levels in pregnant African adolescents and young women

March 10, 2020
Manufacturing and Production AIDS, HIV, PrEP, PrEP HIV, insulin

Pregnant African adolescents and young women who took the HIV drug PrEP were found to have 30% lower levels of …


Fast-acting mealtime insulin approved for children with diabetes in Canada

March 10, 2020
Manufacturing and Production Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, insulin pump, type 2 diabetes

Health Canada has approved Novo Nordik’s Fiasp, a faster acting mealtime insulin, for children aged 2 and above with type …

Insulin pumps tied to over 2,000 injuries recalled

February 14, 2020
Medical Communications Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, type 1, type 2, type 2 diabetes

Over 300,000 insulin pumps have been recalled by Medtronic after injuries and one death were reported due to devices malfunctioning. …


Type 2 diabetes drug Rosiglitazone increases risk of heart problems

February 12, 2020
Research and Development British Medical Journal, diabetes, heart failure, insulin, type 2, type 2 diabetes

A new study has given further evidence that rosiglitazone can contribute to risk of heart problems and heart failure. The …


Diabetes drug could increase stem cells in the womb to treat recurrent miscarriage

January 9, 2020
Business Services Stem cells, diabetes, insulin, miscarraiges, pregnancy

A study led by the University of Warwick found that sitagliptin, a diabetes drug, could be used to treat recurrent …

Novo Nordisk to offer US patient’s in immediate need free insulin

January 3, 2020
Medical Communications Novo, Novo Nordisk, Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, type 2 diabetes

Novo Nordisk said it would offer free, one-time supply of insulin to those in need, amidst rising insulin prices. Novo …

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