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NICE recommends Celgene’s REVLIMID for multiple myeloma

January 27, 2021
Research and Development Cancer, Celgene

NICE has issued a Final Appraisal Document (FAD) recommending Celgene’s REVLIMID (lenalidomide) as maintenance treatment after an autologous stem cell …

NICE opts to reject Celgene’s Revlimid for newly diagnosed multiple myeloma after an autologous stem cell transplant

September 11, 2020
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Celgene, NICE, Revlimid

It has emerged that NICE has opted to reject Celgene’s Revlimid (lenalidomide) for the maintenance of newly diagnosed multiple myeloma …


NICE recommends Celgene’s Revlimid combo for follicular lymphoma

February 27, 2020
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Celgene, NICE, Revlimid, follicular lymphoma, pharma

NICE has chosen to recommend Celgene’s Revlimid (lenalidomide) for use on the NHS, it has emerged, alongside Genentech’s Rituxan (rituximab), …

Celgene and Acceleron’s Reblozyl secures FDA approval for anaemia in beta thalassaemia

November 11, 2019
Sales and Marketing Acceleron, Celgene, Reblozyl, beta thalassaemia, pharma

The FDA has moved to authorise Celgene and Acceleron Pharma’s Reblozyl (luspatercept-aamt) in the treatment of anaemia associated with the …


Celgene signs $1.5bn partnership with Immatics to fight cancer with engineered T-cell therapies

August 29, 2019
Research and Development Cancer, Celgene, immatics, immunotherapy, pharma

Celgene and biopharma firm Immatics Biotechnologies have announced that they have entered a partnership valued at a potential $1.5 billion …


Celgene’s Otezla becomes first and only FDA-approved therapy for oral ulcers in Behçet’s Disease

July 22, 2019
Sales and Marketing Behçet's disease, Behçet’s Disease, Celgene, apremilast, otezla, pharma

Celgene has revealed the US approval of Otezla (apremilast), confirming that the FDA awarded marketing authorisation for the treatment of …


Bristol-Myers Squibb to sell off Celgene’s Otezla ahead of $74 billion merger

June 24, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene, FTC, otezla, pharma, psoriasis

Bristol-Myers Squibb has agreed to sell off Celgene’s psoriasis treatment Otezla, to appease antitrust regulators. BMS will divest one of …


FDA first as agency expands label on Celgene’s Revlimid in previously treated follicular or marginal zone lymphoma

May 29, 2019
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cancer, Celgene, FDA, Revlimid, lymphoma, pharma

Celgene has revealed that the FDA has expanded its authorised indications of Revlimid (lenalidomide) to include combination with a rituximab …


NICE recommends Celgene’s Revlimid in treatment-naive multiple myeloma

May 20, 2019
Sales and Marketing Celgene, NICE, Revlimid, UK, multiple myeloma

Celgene’s Revlimid (lenalidomide) has been recommended by NICE for use on the NHS in England and Wales in combination with …


Sorrento Therapeutics seek $1 billion from billionaire biotech investor Patrick Soon-Shiong

April 4, 2019
Business Services, Sales and Marketing Abraxane, Celgene, Cynviloq, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Sorrento, lawsuits

Sorrento Therapeutics is seeking $1 billion in damages from billionaire biotech investor Patrick Soon-Shiong, owner of US newspaper the LA …


Celgene inks drug discovery deal worth at least £25m with AI firm Exscientia

March 21, 2019
Research and Development Celgene, Exscientia, drug discovery, pharma

Celgene has entered into a new three-year partnership with British artificial intelligence and drug discovery firm Exscientia to the value …


Celgene’s Abraxane combo flops in phase 3 cancer trials

March 14, 2019
Research and Development Abraxane, Celgene, clinical trials, pharma, trials

Celgene’s Abraxane, in combination gemcitabine, has failed to meet its primary endpoint in a pivotal Phase 3 trial of patients …


Disapproval from top shareholder throws $74bn BMS/Celgene merger into doubt

February 28, 2019
Sales and Marketing Bristol-Myers Squibb, Celgene, acquisition, pharma

The news kicked off 2009 with a bang when Bristol-Myers Squibb announced it intended to acquire Celgene for $74 billion, …


Top Ten most popular articles on Pharmafile.com this week!

January 25, 2019
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AbbVie, Celgene, NHS, health, pharma, venlytxo

While American firm AbbVie gained approval for leukaemia drug Venlytxo, the NHS defeated the US multinational thus week in court, …


Celgene signs deals with two Massachusetts-based biotechs

January 21, 2019
Sales and Marketing Celgene, Kyn, Obsidian, cell therapy, immuno oncology, immuno-oncology

New Jersey-based biotechnology firm Celgene has signed deals with two Massachusetts-based biotechs: immuno-oncology specialist Kyn therapeutics and cell therapy firm …

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