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France to push for drug price control regulations at upcoming G7 summit

May 3, 2016
Manufacturing and Production Drug pricing, France, drug prices, g7 summit, hollande, irreversible, medicines, pharmaceutical, prices

France will urge its fellow G7 partners to introduce strict and final new limits to control the prices of new …

Germany flag

German law could see pharma discounts published

February 18, 2014
Sales and Marketing AMNOG, Germany, IMS, NICE, prices

Pharma companies are apprehensive about German lawmakers opening Pandora’s Box this week if they go ahead with plans to publish …


Frazier defends R&D investment and attacks price pressure

December 14, 2011
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Merck, R&D productivity, prices

Merck & Co chief executive Kenneth Frazier has expressed concern that European governments increasingly want to pay unrealistically low prices …

US prescription drug prices rise above inflation

August 27, 2010
Sales and Marketing US, prices

A new study of US medicines has found that prices rose 8.3% on average in 2009, well above inflation and …

Spain to cut prescription drug prices

May 19, 2010
Sales and Marketing Spain, industry, prices

The Spanish government will cut the prices of patented prescription drugs from 1 August in a bid to save 1.3 …

Greece’s crisis could hit European prices

May 6, 2010
Sales and Marketing Greece, industry, parallel trade, prices

GlaxoSmithKline’s chief executive Andrew Witty has warned that the economic crisis in Greece could have a knock-on effect across Europe, …

German Health Minister attacks ‘pharma monopoly’

March 10, 2010
Sales and Marketing Germany, cost-effectiveness, price cuts, prices

German Health Minister Philipp Rösler wants to break pharma’s ‘monopolistic hold’ over the country by introducing price limits on new …

China to slash medicines prices in October

October 6, 2009
Sales and Marketing China, hc, price cuts, prices

The Chinese government has announced it will cut the prices of more than 2,300 drugs by an average of 12% …

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