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Women scientists receive $41,000 less in funding than men, study shows

March 6, 2019
Research and Development NIH, funding, international womens day, management, science, women

Women scientists receive $41,000 less in federal funding than men, according to a study of nearly 54,000 grants to first …


Management shake-up at Valeant as Papa expands senior team

August 9, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Valeant, joseph papa, management, shake up

Joseph Papa continues to remodel the plagued Valeant Pharmaceuticals, as a senior management shake-up has seen several new arrivals and …

Crisis in the boardroom: 2011’s most dramatic departures

January 11, 2012
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Actelion, KV pharmaceuticals, Kindler, Pfizer, management

In December 2010, Jeffrey Kindler, the chief executive of Pfizer suddenly announced his departure from the company.His abrupt exit made …

Working through the ‘ZOUD’

July 7, 2011
Business Services, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing careers, management, recruitment

Most senior managers find their executive team difficult. ‘Dysfunctional’ is a favourite word. Testing dynamics, political agendas, big personalities, strong …

Pharma careers options – management in China

December 17, 2010
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing China, careers, management, recruitment

Substantial growth is predicted over the coming years in China, so how should the life sciences industry approach appointing the …


When should pharma leaders trust their gut instinct?

November 15, 2010
Business Services, Sales and Marketing decision making, leadership, management

One of the most important questions facing leaders is when they should trust their gut instincts. Our work at McKinsey …

Tom McKillop and Fred Goodwin

Reinventing Management

June 17, 2010
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing management

The investment banking industry officially ceased to exist on September 21, 2008. That was the day the last two remaining …


Vasella: on leadership

July 7, 2009
Sales and Marketing Novartis, Vasella, leadership, management

Novartis’ chief executive and chairman talks to McKinsey about his personal approach to management and leadership, and examines subjects including …

Managers need training too

February 13, 2009
Business Services management, recruitment, training

Most of us recognise that personal training and development is an essential requirement for successful career advancement, but for many …

What it takes to be a European marketing manager

January 20, 2009
Business Services, Sales and Marketing Europe, brand manager, management, marketing, recruitment

Moving from a country-specific marketing role to a European marketing role can open up a whole new career path and …

Finding top people for the top job

October 1, 2007
Business Services careers, management, recruitment

When it comes to filling the most senior roles in a company, whatever its size, executive search is, more often …

Making your mark in 100 days

March 12, 2007
Business Services management, recruitment

Congratulatons, you've got the job – you're a senior executive – maybe even the chief executive officer. It's the opportunity …

The right stuff: execs with the Midas touch

August 31, 2006
Business Services, Research and Development biotech, management, recruitment

Here's a challenge: find someone with PhD-level scientific knowledge, a strong management track record and entrepreneurial flair. If there are …

Do as I say, not as I do?

October 23, 2003
Research and Development management, pay, pharma

The new regulations requiring companies to put their remuneration committee reports to shareholder vote is starting to have a significant …

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