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China to test entire population of Qingdao over nine days

October 12, 2020
Sales and Marketing coivd-19, coronavirus, pandemic, virus

China plans to test the entire city of Qingdao, containing nine million people, for coronavirus over a period of five …


Russia to begin administering anti-viral COVID-19 drug next week

June 1, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing COVID-19, Russia, coronavirus, pandemic, virus

Russia will start its roll out of the anti-viral drug Avifavir (favipiravir) to COVID-19 patients next week, according to the …


Scientists in the UK and US identify hundreds of mutations in the COVID-19 virus

May 7, 2020
Business Services COVID-19, Protein, coronavirus, virus

Two studies from the UK and US have identified hundreds of mutations in COVID-19, which could cause problems for the …


British Airways suspends all flights to mainland China

January 29, 2020
Research and Development British Airways, MERS, Sars, Wuhan Virus, coronavirus, virus

British Airways has ceased all flights to mainland China until 31 January. This comes after the Foreign Office advice against …


FDA-approved drug could be used to treat Ebola, study shows

August 12, 2019
Sales and Marketing Ebolas, FDA, Romark, nitazoxanide, pharma, virus

The FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug nitazoxanide could be used as a treatment for Ebola, according to researchers from the Boston Children’s …

Scientists use cold virus to treat bladder cancer

July 5, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development CVA21, Cancer, bladder cancer, oncology, oncolytic, pharma, virus

A strain of the virus that causes the common cold has been found to potentially target, infect and kill cancer …

HPV vaccine prevents 90% of cervical pre-cancer cases in Scotland, research shows

April 4, 2019
Research and Development HPV, Scotland, cervical cancer, immunity, vaccines, virus

Routine vaccination of girls in Scotland against HPV has led to a dramatic drop in cases of cervical cancer, according …


MSD announced collaboration with Brazilian non-profit over development of dengue vaccine

December 13, 2018
Business Services, Medical Communications, Research and Development Dengue fever, HPV, hepatitis a, vaccines, virus

US firm Merck & Co have announced a collaboration with the Brazilian non-profit Instituto Butantan, with the intention of developing …

HPV vaccine to be given to boys in England

July 25, 2018
Research and Development Cancer, HPV, infectious disease, sexually transmitted diseases, vaccines, virus

The government has announced that boys in England aged 12 and 13 will be vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) …


Philippine FDA orders Sanofi to pull dengue vaccine ads

January 5, 2017
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Philippines, Sanofi, Vaccine, dengue, virus

Sanofi has suffered a major blow to its dengue immunisation programme in the Philippines after it was requested the company …

Pfizer buys vaccine developer Redvax

January 6, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Pfizer, Vaccine, cmv, herpes, redbiotec, redvax, virus

Adding to its latest string of deals Pfizer has acquired vaccine developer Redvax – the pre-clinical arm of Swiss company …

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EU and drug industry set aside €280m for Ebola

November 7, 2014
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Africa, Ebola, WHO, chan, vaccines, virus, west

The EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has unveiled a new programme to find vaccines, drugs and diagnostics for Ebola, funded …

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Twitter useful for tracking HIV outbreaks

March 5, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing AIDS, HIV, Twitter, digital, flu, ucla, virus, wells

A study by UCLA researchers has shown that Twitter and social media can be used as a practical real-time tool …

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