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Lethal triple mix of winter viruses could “push NHS to breaking point”

July 15, 2021
COVID-19, NHS, influenza

A report from the Academy of Medical Sciences has found that a lethal triple mix of COVID-19, influenza, and the …

Janssen sign

Janssen agrees $780 million deal for authorisation of Cidara flu treatment

April 6, 2021
Manufacturing and Production Janssen, cidara, influenza

Janssen has struck a deal worth up to $780 million with Cidara Therapeutics for exclusive worldwide rights to Cidara’s CD388 …


Roche’s influenza drug Xofluza gets EU approval

January 11, 2021
Sales and Marketing EC, Roche, influenza

The European Commission (EC) has approved Roche’s Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil) for the treatment of uncomplicated influenza in patients aged 12 …


FDA expands approval of Genentech’s Xofluza for post-exposure prevention of influenza

November 24, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing FDA, Xofluza, influenza

Genentech has secured FDA approval for Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil) for the post-exposure prevention of influenza in patients at least 12 …


First recombinant influenza vaccine approved in the European Union

November 20, 2020
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Europe, influenza, pharma

The European Commission (EC) has just approved its first recombinant influenza vaccine for the European Union, awarding marketing authorisation to …

Nanovax’s seasonal flu vaccine meets Phase 3 endpoints and matches Sanofi’s Fluzone

March 24, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development NanoFlu, Nanovax, influenza, pharma

Nanovax has reported positive Phase 3 data for its vaccine NanoFlu, with the candidate meeting its primary endpoints in the …


New findings on influenza could help improve cancer treatments

March 20, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications Cancer, cancer treatments, flu, flu treatments, influenza

A new study into how the body fights influenza could help improve cancer immunotherapies. Researchers at the Fox Chase Cancer …


FDA approves first adjuvanted quadrivalent flu vaccine in over-65s

February 24, 2020
Sales and Marketing FDA, flu, influenza, pharma, seqirus

The FDA has just authorised its first adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine, it has been announced. Seqirus’ Fluad Quadrivalent (influenza vaccine, adjuvanted) …


Seqirus’ Audenz becomes first FDA-approved cell-based adjuvant influenza A vaccine

February 5, 2020
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing FDA, influenza, pharma, seqirus

The FDA has just approved the first adjuvanted, cell-based vaccine for the prevention of influenza A (H5N1) in the US, …


27,000 chickens to be culled after UK bird flu outbreak

December 11, 2019
Research and Development Bird Flu, Chicken Flu, Swin Flu, influenza, influenza b

A chicken farm in Suffolk has been confirmed by the British government to have cases of bird flu. 27,000 birds …


FDA approves Sanofi’s quadrivalent flu vaccine for over-65s

November 6, 2019
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing FDA, Fluzone, Sanofi, flu, influenza, pharma

Sanofi’s quadrivalent influenza vaccine Fluzone High Dose has secured FDA approval in adult patients over the age of 65 for …


Roche’s Xofluza reduces risk of catching flu by 86% in Phase 3 trial

September 2, 2019
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Roche, Xofluza, flu, influenza, pharma

Roche has brought forward new Phase 3 data on Xofluza (baloxavir marboxil), proving the therapy’s efficacy in the preventative treatment …


Gilead buys Novartis’ herpes, flu and cold virus preclinical programmes

July 23, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Gilead, Novartis, antivrial, deal, herpes, influenza, rhinovirus

Gilead has acquired the rights to three of Novartis’ preclinical antiviral programmes, including investigational compounds with the potential to treat …


Beating the flu

February 18, 2019
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing flu, influenza, pharma, seqirus

On 14 January, the European Commission issued marketing approval for Flucelvax Tetra, the first cell-based, quadrivalent influenza vaccine. Pharmafocus spoke …


Seqirus secures first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine approval in Europe

January 14, 2019
Sales and Marketing Europe, Flucelvax, flu, influenza, pharma, seqirus

Seqirus has made it known that its new cell-based seasonal influenza vaccine Flucelvax Tetra has been approved by the European …

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