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NHS App begins public rollout across England following successful testing

January 24, 2019
Medical Communications England, NHS, NHS App, UK, health, pharma

NHS England has announced that the NHS app, which will allow patients to book and manage their GP appointments alongside …


AbbVie’s case against the NHS thrown out of court

January 22, 2019
Manufacturing and Production AbbVie, HCV, NHS, health, hepatitis C, public health

A judge has thrown US multinational AbbVie’s case against NHS England’s hepatitis C procurement process, out of court. Mr Justice …

Just 10% of those harmed in clinical trials in India receive compensation

January 21, 2019
Sales and Marketing India, WHO, clinical trials, compensation, health

Clinical trials have led to nearly 5,000 deaths in India since 2005, while just a fraction of those affected have …


Scientists prevent axon self-destruct mechanism using gene therapy

January 17, 2019
Research and Development Axon, gene therapy, health, neuropathy

Scientists at the University of Washington have developed a gene therapy that prevents the process through which axons (nerve fibres) …

Super gonorrhoea on the rise, health officials warn

January 9, 2019
Research and Development STI, gonorrehoea, health, public health, std

Health officials from Public Health England (PHE) have warned that cases of antibiotic resistant strains of the sexually transmitted infection …

Government unveils £20bn plan to revitalise NHS in England

January 8, 2019
Manufacturing and Production NHS funding, NHS< funding, brexit, government, health, policy

Theresa May and the chief executive of NHS England, Simon Stevens, have announced a new ten year plan for the …

Children should be given flu vaccine to protect older people

December 21, 2018
Medical Communications epidemiology, flu, health, public health, vaccines

Parents are being urged to give their children the flu vaccine in order to protect ‘older people’ from the potentially …

NHS spends £26 million on consultancy

December 18, 2018
Manufacturing and Production BMA, Consultancy, Jobs, NHS, health

Private consultancy firms were paid at least £26 million as part of a reorganisation of the NHS, in what has …

NHS overcrowding leads to ambulances being turned away

December 17, 2018
Sales and Marketing Hopsitals, NHS, UK, health, politics

NHS England’s first weekly report of the winter has revealed that 95% of hospital beds are occupied, while anything above …


‘Significant’ health outcomes gap still exists in Scotland

December 14, 2018
Medical Communications NHS, Scotland, UK, health, inequality

There is a significant gap in health outcomes between the most and least deprived areas of Scotland, a Scottish government …


Those living in rural areas less likely to survive cancer, study shows

December 13, 2018
Medical Communications, Research and Development Cancer, health, oncology, rural, survival, urban

Those living in rural areas are less likely to survive cancer than their city dwelling counterparts, according to new research …


FDA trial may help to cut the number of dogs used in clinical trials

November 19, 2018
Sales and Marketing Animal testing, animal activists, clinical trials, dogs, health, tests

A new study may help to significantly reduce the number of dogs that are used in clinical trials, according to …


Ebola outbreak in Congo may last another 6 months, WHO officials say

November 14, 2018
Research and Development Congo, Ebola, WHO, health, infectious diseases

The outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is expected to last until mid-2019, a World Health …

Cases of measles nearly quadruple since last year in UK

November 13, 2018
Manufacturing and Production MMR, Public Health England, UK, health, measles

Public Health England is urging the public to ensure that they have received two doses of the MMR vaccine after …


Health Secretary launches new prevention strategy for NHS

November 6, 2018
Manufacturing and Production Matt Hancock, NHS, health, prevention

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that healthcare should focus on prevention, as he launched a long-term strategy intended …

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