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UK Government calls on social media companies to fight misinformation surrounding vaccines

August 19, 2019
Sales and Marketing MMR, anti-vaxxers, measles, pharma, vaccination, vaccines

Boris Johnson has called on social media companies to come together to discuss ways in which they can promote accurate …

Mumps cases triple in England

May 24, 2019
Medical Communications MMR, UK, Vaccine, health, public health

Public Health England has urged patients to ensure that they have received the MMR vaccine after the number of cases …


Measles cases in Greater Manchester surge to 32 since January, lack of vaccination blamed

March 8, 2019
Medical Communications Europe, MMR, UK, WHO, measles, pharma, vaccines

There has been a sharp increase in cases of measles across Greater Manchester, Public Health England has warned, following increasingly …


Health officials declare state of emergency in Washington after 36 confirmed cases of measles

February 1, 2019
Medical Communications MMR, Seattle, measles, oregon, portland, vaccines, washington

Health officials have declared a state of emergency in Washington as an outbreak of measles continues to spread. As January …

Cases of measles nearly quadruple since last year in UK

November 13, 2018
Manufacturing and Production MMR, Public Health England, UK, health, measles

Public Health England is urging the public to ensure that they have received two doses of the MMR vaccine after …

Parents should ignore anti-vaccine “social media fake news”, according to England’s medical chief

November 1, 2018
Medical Communications England, MMR, Vaccine, anti-vaccine, fake news

England’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has said that the MMR vaccine is “a safe vaccination” as she encouraged …

FDA image

FDA ‘not trusted’ by Americans

March 19, 2014
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing FDA, JAMA, MMR, US, america, conspiracy, yougov

More than one-third of Americans in a new survey think the Food and Drug Administration is holding back new cures …

UK benefit halt for MMR jab refuseniks

September 23, 2013
Sales and Marketing Labour, MMR, NHS, vaccination

Under new plans by the British Labour Party welfare payments could be stopped in the future for parents who fail …

The problem with medical publishing

July 6, 2012
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Les Rose, MMR, medical publishing

I’ve often said that however bad one’s research, it’s possible to get it published somewhere. I have been thinking about …

MMR website

MMR doctor struck off

May 25, 2010

The doctor at the centre of a 12-year MMR vaccine debate has been struck off the medical register after being …

Lancet retracts MMR research conclusions

February 3, 2010
Research and Development MMR, Sanofi, vaccines

The Lancet, the journal which originally published the controversial research linking the MMR vaccine to autism has issued a full …

Immunisation factfile launched to promote 5-in-1 jab

October 13, 2004
France, MMR, public health, vaccines

Aventis Pasteur MSD has collaborated with public health bodies in producing a Factfile in support of the company’s new 5-in-1 …

New code for journals in wake of MMR conflict of interest

March 19, 2004
MMR, journals

A new code of conduct has been drawn up for medical journals to help uncover conflicts of interest which could …

MMR researchers withdraw claim

March 4, 2004

Ten doctors who co-authored the controversial UK study which linked the MMR jab to autism have withdrawn their support for …

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