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COVID-19 puts more than 117 million children at risk of missing out on measles vaccines

April 15, 2020
Research and Development MMR vaccines, anti vaxx, anti-vaxx, anti-vaxxers, measles

Measles immunisation campaigns in 24 countries have been delayed due to COVID-19, threatening the vaccinations of 117 million Children. The …


UK Government calls on social media companies to fight misinformation surrounding vaccines

August 19, 2019
Sales and Marketing MMR, anti-vaxxers, measles, pharma, vaccination, vaccines

Boris Johnson has called on social media companies to come together to discuss ways in which they can promote accurate …


African measles cases surge by 700%

July 11, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development Africa, Médecins Sans Frontières, measles, pharma

The number of cases of measles infection on the African continent has surged by 700%, according to data from the …


New Yorkers must be vaccinated or face a fine

April 10, 2019
Research and Development Brooklyn, New York, infectious diseases, measles, public health, vaccines

A public health emergency has been declared in New York following an outbreak of measles. Residents of certain postcodes in …


Measles cases in Greater Manchester surge to 32 since January, lack of vaccination blamed

March 8, 2019
Medical Communications Europe, MMR, UK, WHO, measles, pharma, vaccines

There has been a sharp increase in cases of measles across Greater Manchester, Public Health England has warned, following increasingly …


Indian measles vaccination campaign saved tens of thousands of lives

March 6, 2019
Research and Development Asia, India, South Asia, infectious diseases, measles, vaccines

A measles vaccination campaign saved tens of thousands of children’s lives in India between 2010 and 2013, according to a …


Health officials declare state of emergency in Washington after 36 confirmed cases of measles

February 1, 2019
Medical Communications MMR, Seattle, measles, oregon, portland, vaccines, washington

Health officials have declared a state of emergency in Washington as an outbreak of measles continues to spread. As January …

Cases of measles nearly quadruple since last year in UK

November 13, 2018
Manufacturing and Production MMR, Public Health England, UK, health, measles

Public Health England is urging the public to ensure that they have received two doses of the MMR vaccine after …

Measles outbreak threatens to decimate isolated Amazonian tribe in Venezuela and Brazil

October 25, 2018
Medical Communications Brazil, Venezuela, measles, tribe, vaccines, yanomami

An outbreak of measles threatens to decimate an isolated tribe in the Amazon, according to the non-profit organisation Survival International. …

Measles eradicated in the UK, according to WHO

September 28, 2017
Medical Communications UK, WHO, biotech, drugs, measles, pharma, pharmaceutical

The measles virus has been eliminated from the UK for the first time in the country’s history, according to the …


Bhutan and Maldives successfully eliminate measles

June 14, 2017
Medical Communications, Research and Development WHO, immunisation, measles, rubella

The WHO has announced that Bhutan and Maldives have become the first South-East Asia region countries to successfully eliminate measles. …

US measles outbreak worst for 15 years

February 11, 2015
Sales and Marketing FDA, cdcp, hamburg, measles, priorix, trimovax, vaccines

The worst measles outbreak in 15 years has reached a startling 121 cases in the US alone according to the …

Pfizer image

MSF hits out at ‘astronomical’ vaccine prices

January 20, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Doctors Without Borders, GSK, Médicines San Frontières, Pfizer, Vaccine, diphtheria, measles, pertussis, poliomyelitis, tetanus, tuberculosis

Pharma companies have been named and shamed in a report calling on manufacturers to lower the cost of childhood vaccines …

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