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The NIH’s RECOVER initiative could lead to the first official treatment for long COVID-19

August 1, 2023
Research and Development COVID-19, Infections and infestations, NIH, clinical trials, long covid

As of 31 July 2023, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the first trials of its ‘Researching COVID to …


Long COVID: 15 studies launched with £19.6 million government funding

July 19, 2021
Sales and Marketing NHS, UK, long covid

The UK government has announced the launch of 15 new extensive studies, backed by £19.6 million in funding, to investigate …

Survey reveals over 2 million people impacted by long COVID in UK

June 24, 2021
COVID-19, UK, government, long covid, study

A recent survey from Imperial College London has revealed that over 2 million people in the UK may have suffered …


‘Long COVID’ could be taking four different forms

October 16, 2020
Medical Communications coronavirus, covid symptoms, long covid, symptoms

People experiencing chronic illnesses after COVID-19 infections could be suffering from one of four separate conditions, according to new research. …

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