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Sackler Trust halts donations in UK

March 26, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Sackler Trust, arts, culture, donations, funding, gallery, sackler

The Sackler Trust has announced it is suspending all new donations in the UK amid negative publicity linking the family’s …


Novartis CEO calls for cultural shift to cater for millennial generation

December 7, 2018
Medical Communications Business, company, culture, millenials. Novartis

The CEO of Swiss multinational Novartis has said that he wants to ‘un-boss’ the multi-billion pound company while relaxing the …

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Problems and solutions

January 20, 2014
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing adams, culture, pharma, problems, social media

Not long ago I was asked to be involved in a project that filmed UK-based pharma journalists in order to …

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