Novartis CEO calls for cultural shift to cater for millennial generation

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The CEO of Swiss multinational Novartis has said that he wants to ‘un-boss’ the multi-billion pound company while relaxing the firm’s rules by allowing employees to wear jeans to work.

“When you look at successful, innovation-driven companies, you need people who are inspired. The goal we set out to do is create an ‘unboss culture’,” Vas Narasimhan said at the Forbes Healthcare Summit in New York.

Narasimhan expanded in talking to Business Insider: “For many people, they love the idea of the culture change, everybody then wants to know why can’t it happen right away. So then you have to explain to people, this takes time, leadership, it takes a lot of changes in how we work. But I think there’s been a lot of acceptance of the culture change, but now the hard work has begun.”

The pharma chief’s move comes as he seeks to increase the company’s appeal to the millennial generation. Currently, half of Novartis 120,000 employees are millennials.

Additionally Narasimhan further reiterated his aim to narrow Novartis’ focus and shape the firm into a “breakthrough medicines” company, as he divests from consumer health joint venture.

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