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Asieris Pharmaceuticals and Uroviu announce strategic collaboration to further develop integrated diagnosis and treatment for bladder cancer

May 18, 2023
Research and Development Asieris Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Oncology, Uroviu, bladder cancer, oncology

US-based biopharmaceutical company Asieris Pharmaceuticals and single-use endoscopic platform creator Uroviu have announced that they have entered into a strategic …

Birmingham University & Nonacus to develop urine test for bladder cancer

July 1, 2021
bladder cancer, cfdna, oncology

The University of Birmingham has partnered with Nonacus to develop a non-invasive test for bladder cancer. The test, which is …

Gilead sign

Gilead’s bladder cancer drug gets FDA approval

April 15, 2021
FDA, Gilead, bladder cancer, bladder cancer treatment, pharma, pharma news

The FDA have granted accelerated approval to Gilead’s Trodelvy drug for the treatment of metastatic urothelial cancer (UC).


Roche voluntarily withdraws Tecentriq’s US bladder cancer indication

March 8, 2021
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Roche, bladder cancer, tecentriq

Roche has announced that the company is voluntarily withdrawing the US indication for Tecentriq (atezolizumab) in prior-platinum treated metastatic urothelial …


MSD’s Keytruda misses the mark at Phase 3 in advanced bladder cancer

June 11, 2020
Research and Development MSD< Keytruda, bladder cancer, pharma, trial failure

MSD has announced the disappointing findings that its anti-PD-1 immunotherapy Keytruda (pembrolizumab), when used either alone or combined with chemotherapy, …


Phase 3 failure for AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi combo in unresectable metastatic bladder cancer

March 6, 2020
Medical Communications, Research and Development AstraZeneca, Cancer, Imfinzi, bladder cancer, pharma, trial failure

New Phase 3 has been released by AstraZeneca, showing that the PD-L1 inhibitor Imfinzi (durvalumab), when combined with tremelimumab, failed …


Seattle Genetics and Astellas unveil positive results for Padcev-Keytruda treatment for bladder cancer

February 12, 2020
Research and Development Astellas, Cancer, Seattle Genentics, bladder, bladder cancer, keytruda, monotherapy

Seattle Genetics and Astellas reported positive results from their trials of Padcev plus Keytruda in treating bladder cancer. The data …


MSD’s Keytruda chalks up bladder cancer approval in the US

January 9, 2020
Sales and Marketing Cancer, MSD, bladder cancer, keytruda, pharma

MSD’s blockbuster immunotherapy Keytruda (pembrolizumab) has added another US approval to its repertoire with the news that FDA has awarded …


FDA approves Seattle Genetics and Astellas Pharma’s bladder cancer drug

December 19, 2019
Business Services Astellas Pharma, Cancer, Padcev, Seattle Genetics, bladder cancer

The FDA has granted accelerated approval for Seattle Genetics and Astellas Pharma’s bladder cancer drug Padcev (enfortumab vedotin-ejfv). The drug’s …


NICE rejects Keytruda for routine use in NHS bladder cancer treatment

November 27, 2019
Research and Development Cancer Drugs Fund, bladder cancer, cancer research

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has given an initial ‘no’ for Keytruda’s (pembrolizumab) use in treating …

Roche’s Tecentriq meets primary endpoint in Phase 3 bladder cancer trial

August 5, 2019
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Roche, bladder cancer, immunotherapy, oncology, tecentriq

Roche has said its immunotherapy drug Tecentriq (Atezolizumab), when used in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy, significantly reduced the risk of …

Scientists use cold virus to treat bladder cancer

July 5, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development CVA21, Cancer, bladder cancer, oncology, oncolytic, pharma, virus

A strain of the virus that causes the common cold has been found to potentially target, infect and kill cancer …


Janssen’s Balversa becomes first FDA-approved FGFR kinase inhibitor for advanced bladder cancer

April 15, 2019
Sales and Marketing Balversa, Cancer, FDA, Janssen, bladder cancer, pharma

Janssen’s Balversa (erdafitinib) has become the first FDA-approved fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) kinase inhibitor after the US agency authorised …

Clovis Oncology discontinue phase 2 bladder cancer trial

April 15, 2019
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Clovis Oncology, US, bladder cancer, metastatic bladder cancer

Colorado-based pharma firm Clovis Oncology has said in a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that it is …


17,000 English patients are surviving Stage 4 cancer for two years or more, new data shows

November 8, 2017
Research and Development Cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pharma, prostate cancer

At least 17,000 people in the UK are living with Stage 4 cancer and have survived for two years or …

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