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Venezuela relaunch pharmaceutical industry with Chinese and Russian backing

March 21, 2019
Manufacturing and Production China, Maduro, Russia, USA, Venezuela, pharma

President Maduro has pledged to relaunch Venezuela’s pharmaceutical industry, as part of an effort to address shortages of medicines in …


Iran ready to export medicines to Venezuela

February 25, 2019
Sales and Marketing FDA, Iran, Venezuela, biotech, global, pharma

The chairman of the Iranian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Mehdi Pirsalehi, has said that Iran is ready to export …

Measles outbreak threatens to decimate isolated Amazonian tribe in Venezuela and Brazil

October 25, 2018
Medical Communications Brazil, Venezuela, measles, tribe, vaccines, yanomami

An outbreak of measles threatens to decimate an isolated tribe in the Amazon, according to the non-profit organisation Survival International. …

Pfizer offers to sell drugs plant to Venezuela

June 3, 2009
Manufacturing and Production Pfizer, Venezuela

US drugmaker Pfizer has been in emergency talks with the government of Venezuela after being threatened with seizure of a …

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