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HHS Secretary Alex Azar accused of overruling FDA on COVID-19 test quality reviews

September 16, 2020
Research and Development COVID-19, FDA, US, USA

Allegations have emerged accusing US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar of overruling the FDA over the review of …


US won’t join COVAX coronavirus vaccine initiative because it is linked to the WHO

September 2, 2020
Research and Development Trump, Trump Administration, US, USA

The US has said it will not participate in an international effort to develop and distribute a coronavirus vaccine.COVAX is …


Europe sells Iran medicine, defying US sanctions

April 1, 2020
Research and Development Iran, Iran Sanctions, Iran US, USA, coronavirus

France, Germany and the UK have announced the sale of medicinal goods to Iran, bypassing US sanctions on the country …


US lawmakers call for FDA office in Israel

November 26, 2019
Manufacturing and Production FDA, Golan Heights, Israel FDA, Netanyahu, Trump, USA, congress, israel

A bipartisan group of 21 US members of Congress has called for the establishment of an FDA office in Israel, …

Senate puts forward bipartisan bill to lower price of drugs

July 24, 2019
Research and Development PBMs, Senate, USA, access, bipartisan, pharma, pricing

The Senate Finance Committee has introduced a bipartisan bill that aimed at lowering the prices Medicare pays for pharmaceutical drugs. …

Ohio prosecutors file charges against opioid distributor Miami-Luken

July 22, 2019
Sales and Marketing US, USA, West Virginia, criminal case, opioid crisis, opioids

Federal prosecutors in Cincinnati have filed criminal charges against opioid distributor Miami-Luken, and four others, over the role they played …

Trump administration drops law to end rebates for PBMs

July 11, 2019
Medical Communications PBMs, Rebates, Trump, USA, pharma, us politics

The Trump administration has dropped plans to introduce a law which would end rebates on prescription drugs under Medicare. The …

US Judge blocks Trump administration law requiring pharma to include prices in TV ads

July 9, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Amgen, Eli Lilly, MSD, TV ads, Trump, USA, court, pharma

A judge has blocked the Trump administration from enacting a law that would require pharmaceutical companies to include the prices …


FDA sharpen focus on pharmaceutical companies under Trump

July 5, 2019
Medical Communications FDA, Obama, Trump, USA, pharma, regulation

The overall number of warning letters being sent out by the FDA has dropped under President Donald Trump, according to …


Donald Trump says he will not accept campaign money from pharma

April 30, 2019
Manufacturing and Production Donald Trump, USA, campaign contributionss, pharma, politics

President Donald Trump has said he will not accept money from pharmaceutical companies in the run up to the 2020 …

Pharma boosts lobby spending in first quarter of 2019

April 24, 2019
Research and Development PhRMA, Trump, USA, congress, lobbying, lobbyists, pharma

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) trade lobbyists have spent near record levels on lobbying in the first …


China approves Keytruda for non-small cell lung cancer

April 2, 2019
Manufacturing and Production China, MSD, Merck and Co, USA, keytruda, lung cancer, pharma

US firm MSD has won approval for Keytruda in China. The cancer immunotherapy has thus become the first PD-1 inhibitor …


Venezuela relaunch pharmaceutical industry with Chinese and Russian backing

March 21, 2019
Manufacturing and Production China, Maduro, Russia, USA, Venezuela, pharma

President Maduro has pledged to relaunch Venezuela’s pharmaceutical industry, as part of an effort to address shortages of medicines in …


Pharma execs testify in front of Senate of rising drug prices

February 27, 2019
Research and Development Business, Senate hearing, USA, pharma, sfc

Senior Executives from seven major pharmaceutical companies, including AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck & Co., Pfizer, Sanofi and Johnson & …

US Department of Justice investigate J&J over Baby Powder allegations

February 22, 2019
Medical Communications Cancer, J&J, JJ, Johnson and Johnson, USA, asbestos, oncology, talc

The Justice Department and US Securities and Exchanges Commission are investigation healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson over allegations that Johnson’s …

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