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Spain secures 31.6 million doses of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine

October 21, 2020
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development AstraZeneca, COVID-19, Spain, Vaccine

AstraZeneca continues to forge agreements with national governments to deliver its vaccine against COVID-19, with Spain becoming the latest country …


€10.2 billion lost every year across the EU due to fake medicines

September 30, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications EU, European Union Intellectual Property Office, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, united kingdom

A report commissioned by the European Union Intellectual Property Office has shown that a staggering amount of money, €10.2 billion, …

Pfizer to cut 11% of its workforce in Spain

September 22, 2011
Sales and Marketing Pfizer, Spain, job cuts

Pfizer will cut 220 jobs in Spain as the government reduces spending on pharmaceuticals to help offset its growing debt …

Spain to cut 2.4 billion euros from drugs bill with new generics rules

August 24, 2011
Sales and Marketing Spain, generic prescribing, generics

The Spanish government has passed new laws to increase generic prescribing and cut billions of euros from the country’s drugs …

Spain’s austerity sees pharma market shrink by €2 billion

July 14, 2011
Sales and Marketing Spain, healthcare costs

Spain’s pharma industry has hit out against the drastic budget cuts the government introduced last year, saying they’ve led to …

Spain to cut prescription drug prices

May 19, 2010
Sales and Marketing Spain, industry, prices

The Spanish government will cut the prices of patented prescription drugs from 1 August in a bid to save 1.3 …

Niche pharma company HRA expands into Spain

January 25, 2010
Sales and Marketing HRA Pharma, Spain

French reproductive health and endocrinology company HRA Pharma has set up commercial operations in Spain, its fifth European base to …

Roche invests in Spanish genome project

November 27, 2009
Research and Development Roche, Spain, genomics

Roche is investing in a Spanish health authority programme to analyse the genomes of people with rare diseases.The pharma company …

Almirall expands its horizons

July 3, 2008
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Almirall, COPD, Spain

Almirall has been Spain's number one pharmaceutical company for some years, but is still little known outside its home market. …

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