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Italy to relax COVID-19 lockdown in early May

April 27, 2020
Sales and Marketing COVID-19, COVID-19 coronavirus, Italy, coronavirus

Italy has outlined its plans to ease the lockdown restrictions that were implemented across the country 7 weeks ago to …


Pharma firms paid Italian doctor to promote opioid drugs

May 29, 2019
Research and Development Italy, Mundipharma, Purdue, opioids, pharma

Opioid drugmakers paid an Italian pain doctor to promote opioid painkillers as a treatment for chronic pain, Italian prosecutors say. …


Breast cancer mortality rates fall faster in Britain than elsewhere in Europe

March 19, 2019
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Cancer, EU, Europe, France, Italy, Poland, UK, breast cancer, german, oncology

Death rates from breast cancer are falling faster in Britain than in any of the other six most populous countries …


€10.2 billion lost every year across the EU due to fake medicines

September 30, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications EU, European Union Intellectual Property Office, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, united kingdom

A report commissioned by the European Union Intellectual Property Office has shown that a staggering amount of money, €10.2 billion, …

Novartis back under microscope

June 23, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Italy, Novartis, avastin, fraud, influenza, vaccines

Novartis is under the microscope yet again in Italy, with police visiting the company’s sites at Siena and Origgio in …

Italy: pioneering pay for performance in the age of austerity

January 4, 2011
Sales and Marketing Drug pricing, Italy, cancer drug prices, price cuts

2010 saw Europe beset by economic turmoil, as governments have struggled with the effects of the downturn, including considerable public …

Italy OKs first large-scale unit for making radiolabelled peptides

December 20, 2010
Manufacturing and Production AIFA, Advanced Accelerator Applications, BioSynthema, Italy

The world’s first industrial-scale manufacturing facility for radiolabelled peptides used in nuclear medicine has been approved by the Italian Pharmaceutical …

Italy plans cancer drug price cut

July 7, 2010
Sales and Marketing Italy, economic climate, global pricing, price cuts, pricing

Italy will cut drug prices next year as it adopts a ‘pay for performance’ approach to drug pricing. This will …

GSK workers protest

Aptuit deal saves GSK’s R&D unit in Verona

July 5, 2010
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Aptuit, GlaxoSmithKline, Italy

GlaxoSmithKline has sold off its medicines research facility in Verona, Italy, to contract research and manufacturing service group Aptuit in …

Italy’s new R&D centre launched by Burns

April 9, 2010
Research and Development Italy

The recently retired head of Roche’s pharma division has called for more public-private partnerships in the pharma industry. William Burns …

Worker protest

GSK Italy workers protest site closure

March 10, 2010
Research and Development GlaxoSmithKline, Italy, job cuts

Workers at a GlaxoSmithKline R&D facility in Verona, Italy, have taken to the streets to protest a decision to close …

Chiesi breaks ground on new R&D headquarters in Palma

July 13, 2009
Research and Development Chiesi, Europe, Italy

Construction of Chiesi's new 70 million euro centre for research and development has begun in Parma, Italy. The Italian company …

Sanofi manufacturing plant closed by Italian earthquake

April 17, 2009
Manufacturing and Production Europe, Italy, Sanofi-Aventis

A manufacturing facility operated by Sanofi-Aventis in Abruzzo, Italy, remains closed following the earthquake that claimed more than 280 lives …

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