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Researchers unearth Pfizer’s buried data

October 14, 2010
Research and Development Ben Goldacre, Pfizer, publication, reboxetine, trial data

Researchers from Germany’s cost-effectiveness body IQWiG have unearthed a mountain of unpublished data from trials of Pfizer’s reboxetine that show …

Calls for changes to trial publication process

May 11, 2010
Medical Communications, Research and Development industry relations, industry reputation, publication

Clinical trial publishing has not kept pace with changes in the way pharma carries out its research, according to a …

Publication planning: piecing the jigsaw together

March 18, 2010
Medical Communications medical education, publication

In the pharmaceutical industry where every statement of fact must be referenced, trial data is fundamental to the delivery of …

Good Publication Practice 2: updating best practice

November 13, 2008
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing GPP, Good Publication Practice, clinical trials, ethics, journals, publication

 Results from clinical trials are the very lifeblood of the pharmaceutical industry, representing the frontline in the search for new …

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