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Stephen Dorrell

MPs pharma investigation in offing

November 26, 2012
Sales and Marketing ABPI, Bad pharma, M&P, MP, NICE, trial data

A health select committee inquiry into pharma companies withholding clinical trial data is being considered, according to committee chair Stephen …

Dr Ben Goldacre

Dr Ben Goldacre: “This is a very broken system”

October 19, 2010
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Bad Science, Ben Goldacre, industry reputation, trial data

The pharma industry has its fair share of critics, but unfortunately for everybody, many are easy to dismiss – shrill, …

Researchers unearth Pfizer’s buried data

October 14, 2010
Research and Development Ben Goldacre, Pfizer, publication, reboxetine, trial data

Researchers from Germany’s cost-effectiveness body IQWiG have unearthed a mountain of unpublished data from trials of Pfizer’s reboxetine that show …

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