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Patient successfully treated for coronavirus in the US

February 11, 2020
Manufacturing and Production Chinese Coronavirus, Coronavirus Wuhan, Ebola, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

Health officials in the US say they have successfully treated a man for coronavirus with an experimental drug. The Ebola …


Third person in the UK diagnosed with coronavirus

February 7, 2020
Medical Communications China, Coronavirus Wuhan, MERS, Sars, coronavirus, coronavirus China

A third British person has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, which he allegedly  caught in Singapore.He was tested in Brighton …


Gilead’s experimental Ebola drug being tested in patients infected with coronavirus

February 3, 2020
Sales and Marketing Coronavirus Wuhan, MERS, Sars, Wuhan, coronavirus, coronavirus China

China and the US are testing Gilead’s remdesivir in patients with the coronavirus, in the hopes of developing an effective …

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