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UK Government ignored SAGE advice to impose full lockdown last month

October 13, 2020
Manufacturing and Production COVID, UK, UK Coronavirus, coronavirus

UK Government ministers ignored warnings three weeks ago that the country should go into a temporary full lockdown to reduce …


Numerous sporting events suspended across the UK, after staff and players test positive for COVID-19

March 13, 2020
Medical Communications Chinese Coronavirus, UK Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

Sporting events across the UK have been postponed as measures are taken to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Rugby …

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UK Government criticised for not enacting social distancing measures to combat coronavirus

March 13, 2020
Medical Communications Chinese Coronavirus, UK Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

The UK government has come under fire from health experts and former cabinet ministers for its strategy in fighting the …


Trump suspends all travel from Europe to US as coronavirus continues to spread

March 12, 2020
Business Services American coronavirus, Chinese Coronavirus, UK Coronavirus, US Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, wuhan coronavirus.

Last night, President Donald Trump announced significant measures to deal with the increasing threat of the coronavirus. From Friday, the …


99% of Doctors feel NHS is not ready to deal with coronavirus, new survey finds

March 3, 2020
Manufacturing and Production Boris, Chinese Coronavirus, UK Coronavirus, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

Most NHS doctors, that partcipated in a survey, feel the organization is not well prepared to deal with a major …


Highest fatalities from coronavirus recorded in a single day due to new classifications

February 13, 2020
Business Services China, UK Coronavirus, Wuhan, Wuhan Coronavirus, coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak reached its deadliest day since it began in December. Roughly 242 deaths have been reported in Hubei …

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