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Diet drugs supress appetite in mosquitoes, study shows

February 11, 2019
Sales and Marketing Zika, dengue, infectuous diseases, malaria, mosquitoes

Scientists were able to supress mosquitoes appetites using diet drugs for humans, according to research published in the journal Cell. …


Roche’s 99% accurate Zika test receives FDA approval

October 9, 2017
Sales and Marketing Roche, Zika, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Roche has revealed that the FDA has given approval to its cobas Zika test to determine whether a blood sample …

Sanofi backs out of controversial Zika vaccine project

September 4, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Sanofi, US, Vaccine, Zika, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

Sanofi’s development of a Zika vaccine, alongside the US’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), has hit the headlines …


Novel assay detects Zika, differentiates from dengue and other flaviviruses

July 19, 2017
Research and Development Zika, assay, biotech, dengue, drugs, healthcare, pharma, pharmaceutical

A collaboration between Swiss antibody therapeutics firm Humab BioMed and the University of California, Berkeley has given rise to an …


Research provides clues about Zika virus damage to foetal brains

June 2, 2017
Research and Development India, Zika, Zika virus

The Zika virus has been documented since 1947 and was first discovered to have infected a human in 1952. The …


Sanofi Zika vaccine deal causes controversy

May 22, 2017
Sales and Marketing Sanofi, US army, Zika

In a further twist to Sanofi’s deal with the US Army to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus, the …


Brazil declares end to Zika virus emergency

May 12, 2017
Medical Communications Brazil, Vaccine, Zika, Zika virus

Brazil has declared that the national emergency over the Zika virus threat is over, after there was a 95% drop …


Sanofi forms new alliance to fight zika in Brazil

October 27, 2016
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Sanofi, Zika

Sanofi has teamed up with Brazilian research institute Fiocruz to accelerate development of a zika vaccine.This is another step in …

Sanofi secures $43 million government funding for zika vaccine development

September 27, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development BARDA, Sanofi, Zika

The US Department of Health and Human Services approved $43.18 million to fund Sanofi’s development of a zika vaccine, the …


GSK proposes biopreparedness unit to combat global outbreaks

September 9, 2016
Medical Communications, Research and Development Ebola, GSK, Zika

London-based pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline has proposed the creation of a biopreparedness unit to help avert crises like those we have …


Takeda secures $312 million zika vaccine development contract

September 5, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Takeda, US government, Zika, world health organization

Takeda has announced that it has been granted a $312 million contract from the US government to develop an inactivated, …


Zika causes microcephaly and other birth defects, says CDC

April 14, 2016
Medical Communications, Research and Development CDC, Zika, Zika virus, birth defects, microcephaly

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded that the Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly and …


Structure of Zika virus revealed in new study

April 13, 2016
Research and Development NIH, Purdue, Zika, glycoprotein, structure

Researchers have examined the structure of the Zika virus in a new study and found that is broadly similar to …


Roche to initiate testing for Zika virus under FDA investigational new drug application approval

March 31, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Roche, Zika

Roche (SWX: RO) has announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided approval to initiate the collection …


INTERVIEW: Tackling the Zika threat

February 9, 2016
Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications Zika, vaccines

The Zika outbreak which started in Brazil and spread rapidly to other south American countries and beyond has taken the …

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