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covid-19 virus’s weekly COVID-19 news round-up

February 17, 2021
Research and Development COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccine, Vaccine, World Health Organisation, covid-19 roundup

The past week has continued to see positive COVID-19 vaccine news; a WHO panel approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for all …


Chinese coronavirus set to be put on international health emergency list

January 22, 2020
Research and Development Ebola, Public Health Emergency, WHO, World Health Organisation, Wuhan, polio, swine flu

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is expected to trigger a Public Health Emergency over the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, meaning it …


WHO officials say Wuhan viral pneumonia outbreak can be passed from person to person

January 20, 2020
Sales and Marketing China, Sars, Viral pneumonia, WHO, World Health Organisation, Wuhan Outbreak

The viral pneumonia outbreak that began in Wuhan China can spread between person to person, according to health experts at …


Chinese coronavirus found in Thailand

January 14, 2020
Manufacturing and Production China, WHO, World Health Organisation, Wuhan, pneumonia, thailand

The recent viral pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan China has spread to Thailand.The patient is a 61 year old woman who …


Mysterious viral pneumonia infects dozens in central China, bird flu and SARS ruled out

January 6, 2020
Sales and Marketing Bird Flu, China, Sars, WHO, World Health Organisation, Wuhan, pneumonia

A total of 59 cases of viral pneumonia have been reported in the city of Wuhan, with seven people in …


FDA, WHO criticise integrity of data at contract research firm Semler

April 25, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing FDA, India, WHO, World Health Organisation, semler, semler research

The US Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organisation have raised serious concerns related to violations of good …

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GSK and Sanofi considering developing Zika vaccine

January 26, 2016
Manufacturing and Production GSK, Sanofi, World Health Organisation, Zika virus, microcephaly

Pharma companies Sanofi and GSK are reviewing the possibility of using their respective inoculation technologies to develop a vaccine for …

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Encouraging first results from trial of Merck’s Ebola vaccine

July 31, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Africa, EBV, Ebola, Ebola virus, Ebola virus disease, Vaccine, WHO, World Health Organisation, guinea, vaccination

The first trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine suggests it provides high protection against the disease as early as ten …

World Health Organisation calls for full trial transparency

April 14, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Ben Goldacre, EU, WHO, World Health Organisation, alltrials, clinical trials, sense about science, transparency

The World Health Organization has thrown its weight behind clinical trial transparency in a new statement on its position. WHO …

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