Ebola virus

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Johnson & Johnson to support Rwanda’s preparations against Ebola outbreak

December 9, 2019
Sales and Marketing Ebola, Ebola Guniea, Ebola virus

Johnson & Johnson will provide up to 200,000 Ebola vaccines to the Republic of Rwanda, through its pharmaceutical subsidiary Janssen. …

Ebola virus

WHO to review MSD’s Ebola vaccine for emergency use

December 24, 2015
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Ebola vaccine, Ebola virus, MSD, WHO, Zebov

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted MSD’s application for the company’s investigational Ebola vaccine, V920 (Zebov), to be reviewed …

Ebola virus

Researchers hopeful experimental antiviral treatment stops Ebola

August 26, 2015
Research and Development Ebola, Ebola virus, Ebola virus disease, Toyama Chemical, VSV-ZEBOV, favipiravir, zmapp

An experimental antiviral therapy may have prevented British healthcare workers from contracting Ebola after exposure to the disease in West …

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Encouraging first results from trial of Merck’s Ebola vaccine

July 31, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Africa, EBV, Ebola, Ebola virus, Ebola virus disease, Vaccine, WHO, World Health Organisation, guinea, vaccination

The first trial of an experimental Ebola vaccine suggests it provides high protection against the disease as early as ten …

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