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FDA approves new medicines to treat paediatric type 2 diabetes

June 22, 2023
Medical Communications Diabetes, FDA, Synjardy, jardiance, paediatrics, type 2 diabetes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has approved Jardiance (empagliflozin) and Synjardy (empagliflozin and metformin …


Eli Lilly’s Type 2 diabetes drug outperforms semaglutide in trials

June 28, 2021
Sales and Marketing Eli Lilly, semaglutide, type 2 diabetes

Eli Lilly has announced that the SURPASS-2 clinical trial has shown tirzepatide achieved superior HbA1C and body weight reductions compared …

Bayer’s cardiovascular drug shows impressive Phase III results

May 11, 2021
Manufacturing and Production Bayer, chronic kidney disease, pharma, pharma news, type 2 diabetes

Bayer’s finerenone drug has been shown to significantly reduce cardiovascular death or other cardiovascular events in patients with chronic kidney …


Novo Nordisk launches new Rybelsus pill for type 2 diabetes in the UK

September 2, 2020
Research and Development Novo Nordisk, diabetes, type 2, type 2 diabetes

Novo Nordisk’s new type 2 diabetes treatment Rybelsus is now available for doctors and physicians in the UK to prescribe …


New data from diabetes prevention programme shows a reduction of type 2 diabetes

June 17, 2020
Research and Development diabetes, type 2 diabetes

The Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) of 2,000 people showed a significant reduction in the participants’ risk of developing …


Fast-acting mealtime insulin approved for children with diabetes in Canada

March 10, 2020
Manufacturing and Production Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, insulin pump, type 2 diabetes

Health Canada has approved Novo Nordik’s Fiasp, a faster acting mealtime insulin, for children aged 2 and above with type …


The March 2020 issue of Pharmafocus is available to read free online now!

February 27, 2020
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing England, Pharmafocus, UK, mumps, pharma, pharmacovigilance, type 2 diabetes

The latest monthly edition of Pharmafocus, the March issue, is available to read for free online now! The coronavirus continues …

Insulin pumps tied to over 2,000 injuries recalled

February 14, 2020
Medical Communications Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, type 1, type 2, type 2 diabetes

Over 300,000 insulin pumps have been recalled by Medtronic after injuries and one death were reported due to devices malfunctioning. …


Type 2 diabetes drug Rosiglitazone increases risk of heart problems

February 12, 2020
Research and Development British Medical Journal, diabetes, heart failure, insulin, type 2, type 2 diabetes

A new study has given further evidence that rosiglitazone can contribute to risk of heart problems and heart failure. The …


New report finds that health inequality in the UK greater than previously thought

February 12, 2020
Research and Development NHS, NICE, type 2 diabetes

Men are living seven years in poor health while women are living nearly ten years, according to a new report. …


Type 2 diabetes cases up 40% in Scotland

February 11, 2020
Manufacturing and Production Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, diabetes obesity, obesity, type 2 diabetes

According to a new study, Scotland’s cases of type 2 diabetes has increased by 40% over the last 10 years. …

Novo Nordisk to offer US patient’s in immediate need free insulin

January 3, 2020
Medical Communications Novo, Novo Nordisk, Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, type 2 diabetes

Novo Nordisk said it would offer free, one-time supply of insulin to those in need, amidst rising insulin prices. Novo …


FDA approves artificial pancreas developed by the University of Virginia

January 2, 2020
Business Services, Medical Communications FDA, Pancreas, Type 1 diabetes, diabetes, insulin, type 2 diabetes

The FDA has approved an artificial pancreas system based on technology from the University of Virginia’s Center for Diabetes Technology. …


AstraZeneca’s Qtrilment scores European authorisation in type 2 diabetes

November 15, 2019
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing AstraZeneca, EU, Europe, Qtrilmet, diabetes, pharma, type 2 diabetes

Qtrilmet (metformin hydrochloride, saxagliptin and dapagliflozin) has secured approval in Europe, its manufacturer AstraZeneca has revealed, as a therapy to …


New report reveals shocking knowledge gaps around type 2 diabetes risk factors

November 14, 2019
Medical Communications, Research and Development Merck KGaA, diabetes, pharma, type 2 diabetes

A new report released on World Diabetes Day has shone a light on a startling lack of knowledge surrounding type …

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