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Two-step treatment cuts off cancer’s backup defences

January 25, 2017
Research and Development Cancer, sarcoma, washington university

New research conducted at Washington University’s School of Medicine and published in Cell Reports details a new method for fighting …


GSK and Adaptimmune expand R&D collaboration

February 3, 2016
Research and Development Adaptimmune, GSK, T-cell therapy, immunotherapy, liposarcoma, rare cancer, sarcoma

Adaptimmune Therapeutics and GlaxoSmithKline have expanded the terms of their strategic collaboration agreement, to run clinical trials of Adaptimmune’s potential …

Merck image

Late-stage failure for Merck and Threshold cancer drug

December 7, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Merck, Pancreatic cancer, Threshold Pharmaceuticals, evofosfamide, late-stage failure, phase III, sarcoma

Merck and its development partner Threshold Pharmaceuticals say they will not pursue regulatory approval for evofosfamide in advanced soft tissue …

Eisai image

Eisai cancer drug performs in sarcoma disease

February 26, 2015
Sales and Marketing Cancer, Eisai, Halaven, eribulin, sarcoma, tumour

Eisai’s cancer drug Halaven met its primary endpoint and demonstrated overall survival benefit in two distinct solid tumour types in …

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