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PharmaTher and Vitruvias sign collaboration agreement to commercialise ketamine-based treatment in the US

June 21, 2023
Medical Communications Ketamine, Neurology, PharmaTher, Vitruvias, commercialisation

Specialty pharmaceutical companies, Canadian PharmaTher and US-based Vitruvias, have entered into a commercialisation partnership to bring Ketarx products to the …


Top Ten most popular articles on this week

January 31, 2020
Medical Communications Janseen, Ketamine, NHS, NICE, Nasal sprays, Nasl, Top 10 of the week, top 10

This week nasal sprays based on illegal recreational drugs feature prominently, as the FDA has moved to approve Lannett Company’s …


Ketamine’s antidepressant effects may be linked to brain’s opioid system

September 6, 2018
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Ketamine, antidepressant, depression, mental health, opioid

Ketamine’s antidepressant effect works through the activation of the brains opioid receptors, a new study published in The American Journal …


US hospital’s ketamine study forced to a halt over consent concerns

June 27, 2018
Research and Development Hennepin Healthcare, Ketamine, pharma

Minneapolis-based hospital Hennepin County Medical Center has put the brakes on a clinical trial investigating the efficacy of ketamine in …


J&J’s ketamine-based antidepressant showed mixed success at Phase 3

May 8, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing J&J, JJ, Johnson & Johnson, Ketamine, antidepressant, depression, esketamine, pharma

Johnson & Johnson has revealed new data on its new depression drug esketamine, its chemically ‘left-handed’ version of the controlled …

J&J’s ketamine nasal spray for depression continues to impress

April 16, 2018
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Johnson & Johnson, Ketamine, biotech, drugs, pharma, pharmaceutical

New treatments for depression are few and far between; pharmaceutical companies have shied away from trying to develop new therapeutics …


First large-scale study gives hope for ketamine as a depression therapy

May 3, 2017
Research and Development Ketamine, depression, mental health

While the development of truly innovative mental health therapies has ground to a halt somewhat, scientific research in the field …


Ketamine found to offer hope as last-resort treatment for depression

April 6, 2017
Research and Development Ketamine, University of Oxford

Researchers from the University of Oxford have conducted a six-year study looking into the potential therapeutic effects of ketamine as …

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