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Doctors call on Canadian government to stop funding programme sending homeopaths to Honduras

March 4, 2019
Sales and Marketing Canada, Hodnuras, Quebec, TSF, health, homeopathy

Canadian physicians have called on the federal government to review its funding for a programme which sends volunteer homeopaths to …


FDA warns against King Bio products after company expands recall

August 29, 2018
Research and Development Contamination, FDA, homeopathy, king bio, recall

The US Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers and pet owners not to use products that have been manufactured …


Homeopathic medicines specialist King Bio enacts nationwide recall

August 24, 2018
Medical Communications asheville, homeopathy, king bio, nc, recall

The Asheville-based drug maker King Bio is recalling 32 children’s medicines because of potential ‘microbial contamination’. The homeopathic medicines specialist …

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FDA to review homeopathy rules

March 25, 2015
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council, FDA, homeopathy

The FDA is to hold a public meeting to “obtain information and comments from stakeholders” on the use of homeopathic …

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