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NICE to set out new opioid prescription guidelines for GPs

March 18, 2019
Sales and Marketing GPs, NICE, addiction, addictive drugs, opioids, prescription drugs, withdrawal

NICE is set to develop new guidelines for GPs and healthcare professionals setting out rules for doctors regarding opioids and …

More than 40% of GPs intend to quit within five years

February 28, 2019
Medical Communications GPs, NHS, NHS LOng term plan, UK, brexit, workforce

More than 40% of GPs intend to quit within five years according to researchers at the University of Warwick. The …


UK GPs are “undervalued” with 40% looking to quit profession, study finds

February 5, 2018
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing GPs, NHS, UK, health, pharma

Falling numbers of General Practitioners (GPs) in the UK are due to “concerns regarding professional risk in delivering care in …


UK heading towards GP crisis as 40% consider leaving

April 12, 2017
Medical Communications, Research and Development GPs, General Practice, Jeremy Hunt, NHS

The University of Exeter has conducted a survey looking into GP morale in the south-west of the UK, and the …

healthcare tech

Doctors ‘distrust apps developed by pharma’ – survey

July 31, 2015
Medical Communications France, GPs, Germany, Healthcare Technologies, UK, chronic disease, disease management, healthcare tech

A study of GPs in three European countries show GPs feel there is a role for healthcare technologies in disease …

NICE reworks cancer guidance for GPs

June 23, 2015
Sales and Marketing Cancer, GPs, NICE, UK, baker, research

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says thousands of lives will be saved each year if GPs and …

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NICE unveils guidelines to monitor antibiotic prescribing

February 18, 2015
Sales and Marketing AMR, Antibiotics, GPs, NHS, NICE, antimicrobials, baker

NICE are asking UK doctors to spy on their colleagues in order to help tackle the growing threat of antimicrobial …

NICE recommends test to reduce antibiotic use

December 3, 2014
Sales and Marketing Antibiotics, GPs, NICE, UK, doctors, icl, pneumonia

NICE guidelines say GPs should use point of care blood tests to assess which patients to prescribe antibiotics for bacterial …

Doctors warn of urgent care ‘chaos’

November 12, 2014
Sales and Marketing BMA, GPs, NHS, doctors, nagpaul, pac

Doctors’ leaders are demanding greater investment in out-of-hours GP services, warning of ‘fragmentation’ and underfunding, and branding the current system …

GPs to ‘prescribe’ apps

November 11, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Apple, Frost & Sullivan, GPs, NHS, Samsung, UK, apps, eHealth, prescribing

General practitioners in the UK are to begin ‘prescribing’ health apps as part of a move to better monitor issues …

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Doctors must help NHS save money, says report

November 7, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, GPs, NHS, government, hospitals

A report has suggested the National Health Service could make nearly £2 billion in cost savings if doctors ‘provided more …

UK doctors are ignoring statin guidance

November 3, 2014
Sales and Marketing British Medical Association, GPs, NHS, NICE, Royal College of GPs, Royal College of Physicians, statins

A survey of UK doctors has found that many are refusing to apply NICE advice to offer statin therapy to …

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NICE under increased pressure over conflicts of interest

October 22, 2014
Sales and Marketing GPs, NHS, NICE, UK, baker, conflict, mccoll, wollaston

A group of influential doctors is calling on the government to tighten up NICE’s conflicts of interests policy. In a …

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Pharmacists could save the NHS £1.1 billion

October 20, 2014
Sales and Marketing GP, GPs, NHS, UK, pharmacists

New research from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society shows that common ailments such as coughs and sore throats cost the NHS …

NHS staff striking over pay

October 13, 2014
Medical Communications, Sales and Marketing British Association of Occupational Therapists., GMB, GPs, Hunt, NHS, UCATT, midwives, strike

Over 400,000 NHS staff have gone on strike for four hours as a 1% pay rise requested by Unions was …

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