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EMA expands label for UCB’s Cimzia in axial spondyloarthritis

August 5, 2020
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cimzia, EMA, Europe

The European Medicines Agency has expanded the existing approval of UCB’s Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) to cover the treatment of axial …

New Phase 3 data confirms safety and efficacy of UCB’s Cimzia in plaque and psoriatic arthritis

April 30, 2019
Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development Cimzia, UCB Pharma, pharma, plaque psoriasis, psoriasis

New Phase 3 data has been released by UCB Pharma on the safety of Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) in the treatment …

NICE recommends UCB’s Cimzia in severe plaque psoriasis

April 18, 2019
Sales and Marketing Cimzia, NICE, UCB Pharma, UK, pharma, plaque psoriasis, psoriasis

NICE has announced its decision to recommend UCB Pharma’s Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) for use on the NHS in England in …

NICE approves Cimzia but blocks Ilumetri in treatment of psoriasis

December 4, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Almirall, Cimzia, Ilumetri, NICE, UCB, UK, pharma, psoriasis

UK drug watchdog NICE has announced two new recommendations relating to medicines for the treatment of psoriasis, approving UCB Pharma’s …

EMA approves Cimzia for use in treating plaque psoriasis

July 2, 2018
Sales and Marketing Cimzia, EMA, UCB, indication, pharmaceutical

The Brussels-based pharmaceutical company UCB has announced that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved a label extension for Cimzia …

UCB’s Cimzia secures first-of-its-kind FDA approval in plaque psoriasis

May 29, 2018
Manufacturing and Production, Sales and Marketing Cimzia, FDA, UCB, US, pharma, psoriasis

The FDA has expanded the label for UCB’s Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) in the US, approving the therapy for the treatment …

Nice backs UCB’s Cimzia as alternate therapy for severe rheumatoid arthritis

July 13, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cimzia, NICE, UCB, regulation, rheumatoid arthritis

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has recommended UCB Pharma’s Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) on its own or …

New UCB chief starts and expands team

January 13, 2015
Sales and Marketing Cimzia, Jean-Christophe Tellier, Neupro, UCB, roch deliveux, vimpat

New UCB chief executive Jean-Christophe Tellier who succeeded Roch Doliveux this year has also welcomed three new members to the …

Biotech industry failed by UK, says UCB

February 27, 2014
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cimzia, NHS, UCB, biotech, doliveux, tellier, vimpat

The UK biotechnology industry has ‘missed the boat’ and not fulfilled its potential, according to outgoing UCB chief executive Roch …

Cimzia results excite UCB in psoriatic arthritis

February 16, 2012
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cimzia, UCB, psoriatic arthritis

UCB will submit Cimzia for psoriatic arthritis by the end of 2012, after positive Phase III trial results for the …

UCB plans €250m plant to meet Cimzia demand

December 29, 2010
Manufacturing and Production Cimzia, Switzerland, UCB, pharma manufacturing

Belgian biotechnology company UCB has started construction of a new microbial manufacturing facility in Bulle, Switzerland to help meet demand …

Patient access scheme secures NICE approval for Cimzia

January 22, 2010
Sales and Marketing Cimzia, NICE, UCB, rheumatoid arthritis

UCB Pharma’s Cimzia has been recommended by NICE to treat rheumatoid arthritis – but only if a patient access scheme …

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