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New Johnson & Johnson study aiming to add stroke detection to Apple Watch

February 26, 2020
Research and Development Apple, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, apple watch, iphone, stroke

Johnson & Johnson announced that Janssen Pharmaceuticals will work in collaboration with Apple to explore apps for stroke detection. It …

How AI is making clinical trials more accurate and affordable

February 5, 2020
Business Services, Manufacturing and Production, Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing AI, AI Clinical Trials, Apple, Apple Watch., apple watch, clinical trials

Clinical trials are one of the longest and most expensive steps of bringing a drug to market. Conor Kavanagh investigates …


ECG Kardia Band becomes first-ever FDA-approved medical device accessory for Apple Watch

November 30, 2017
Sales and Marketing Electrocardiogram, FDA, Kardia Band, apple watch, pharma

The FDA has announced its approval of AliveCor’s Kardia Band, an electrocardiogram for use with the Apple Watch, marking the …

Novartis launches ViaOpta Apple Watch app

July 1, 2015
Medical Communications Novartis, apple watch, apps, visual impairment, wearables

Novartis has launched new features of its ViaOpta app for use with the Apple Watch and other wearable devices. The …

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Apple launches health-centred smartwatch

September 10, 2014
Medical Communications, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Android, Apple, Jobs, Samsung, apple watch, google, health kit

Apple has finally unveiled its long-rumoured ‘smartwatch’ to the world along with new iPhones and a payment system. At the …

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