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Teva settles ‘pay-to-delay’ case with FTC

February 21, 2019
Business Services, Sales and Marketing FTC, Teva, antitrust, drugs, generics, monopoly

Teva Pharmaceuticals has settled a dispute with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over three separate federal court antitrust lawsuits involving …


Mylan pays $96.5 million to settle pay-for-delay case

February 7, 2017
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Cephalon, Mylan, Teva, antitrust

Mylan has agreed to pay $96.5 million in order to settle an antitrust case. The case was related to the …


Antitrust investigation launched into Mylan and the EpiPen scandal

September 7, 2016
Research and Development, Sales and Marketing Mylan, US, antitrust, epipen, investigation, lawmakers, scandal

The New York attorney general has commenced an investigation into Mylan Pharmaceuticals, after an initial review indicated that the company …


Pfizer fined for epilepsy drug price increase by UK antitrust regulator

April 15, 2016
Medical Communications CMA, Flynn Pharma, Pfizer, antitrust, competition and markets authority, epilepsy, fine, flynn

Pfizer has been fined for unfairly increasing the price of epilepsy drug Epanutin (phenytoin sodium) by the UK Competition and …

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