UK cases of coronavirus hit 90 as health officials move into next phase of their response

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The coronavirus has continued to spread across the UK as health officials announce they have moved into the second stage of their response to the outbreak.

Three new cases of the virus in Scotland have raised the total in the UK to 90.

The country’s Chief Medical Adviser, Professor Christ Whitty, told MP’s that it was highly likely some people in the UK will have been infected and have no connection to overseas cases. He also said the country was now in the delay phase of the government’s four-part plan to tackle the virus. The government have not yet decided what measures may be taken in this phase but banning big events, closing schools, encouraging people to work from home and dissuading the use of public transport are being considered.

Professor Whitty said the early stages of the second phase was similar to the contain phase, and involved identifying cases of the virus, isolating patients, and tracing anyone who had been in contact with them. He said: “As time moves by, we then may start to move into the more socially determined actions, the kind of measures we can do to delay things which involve changes to society.”

Whitty said that measures will have to be taken over a long period of time and there is no need for individuals to stockpile food or medicine. The government has a stockpile of important medicines and protective equipment, to counter any impact to global supply chains.

90,000 people across the world have contracted the virus since the outbreak began in Wuhan back in December. Currently, it has spread to 50 countries and caused more 3,000 deaths.

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