Torbay Pharmaceuticals unveils new manufacturing facility

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Torbay Pharmaceuticals conducted a grand unveiling to open its £26 million pharmaceuticals manufacturing unit – the largest NHS manufacturer of sterile products in the UK. The facility covers a 78,000 sq ft and consolidates the NHS manufacturer’s units into one space.

Work began on the facility in 2013 and the completed facility will produce sterilised injectable products. The unit has already been approved by the MHRA and is fully operational.

The facility employs 170 people in the local community. The organisation is unusual as it produces medicinal products that are sold to NHS hospitals and other healthcare organisation but the profits are redirected into the local area.

Previously, manufacturing had taken place over four different units and now, with the completion of this newest facility, the capabilities of these four will take place in the one site. The organisation had run into difficulty with updating the previous sites with the newest technology.

Emma Rooth, Managing Director of Torbay Pharmaceuticals, said: “Torbay Pharmaceuticals is proud to be such a successful part of Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Being part of the NHS enables us to have our finger on the pulse of healthcare needs and respond appropriately with new products, plugging shortages and anticipating the latest developments in medical science. Since the establishment of the original pharmaceutical department at Torbay Hospital back in the 1970s, we have grown from strength to strength to meet not only our local population’s needs, but also the needs of the wider NHS and health care providers globally.”

The plant contains automated production lines, two autoclaves for sterilisation and it is equipped to manufacture its products in larger batch sizes.

Ben Hargreaves

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