Thermo Fisher to become founding sponsor of Momentum Labs

pharmafile | January 17, 2023 | News story | Medical Communications  

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that it has become a founding sponsor of Momentum Labs in Alachua, Florida, US. The company has taken on this role in an attempt to support emerging biotechnology companies, and Momentum Labs aims to work as a collaborative laboratory and office space for a variety of expanding biotechs in the region.

Momentum Labs hopes to address the lack of flexible growth space in the North Central region of Florida, which is home to over 100 life sciences companies, however this lack of space makes it difficult for these companies to succeed in the region. It is estimated that companies which are supported by incubator programmes are 87% more likely to survive five years, with 84% remaining in the same region following their graduation from the programmes. Those supported by Momentum labs will have access to state-of-the-art equipment, innovative life science instruments, infrastructure, and resources.

Abhinav Akhoury, vice president, corporate accounts at Thermo Fisher, commented: “From a regional and state perspective, Momentum Labs provides a critical infrastructure and business development resources to support the growth of life sciences in Florida, giving the ecosystem the opportunity to retain companies rather than losing them to other communities. Through our sponsorship, Momentum Labs has the ability to provide the latest innovative technologies to high-growth life science companies that are developing tomorrow’s life-changing medicines.”

Brain Crawford, chief executive officer at Concept Compaines, said, “It’s challenging for growing companies to stay ahead of their space needs. Not only is there a large expense for all the equipment needed, but there are also often extraordinary lead times associated with the acquisition and installation. Partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific gives us the ability to offer the latest innovative instrumentation and equipment to our members allowing them to leverage their capital for growth.”

Kyla Frye, director of science and technology ecosystems and lead for Momentum Labs, added: “By developing a purpose-built factory for emerging science in the Gainesville community, Momentum Labs is providing critical lab space, access to quality equipment, instrumentation and services, and tailored business development support these companies need for continued exponential growth. This ultimately helps us retain growing life sciences companies and their talent in the region while giving them the vital resources to advance their therapies from research to the clinic.”


Betsy Goodfellow

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